2013 Fantasy Baseball: Carlos Marmol Out As Chicago Cubs Closer

By Brian Fischler

I love it in the movie Groundhog Day when Bill Murray asks the woman at the inn if she has ever had deja vu. She responds, I don’t believe so, but I can check with the kitchen. Watching the Chicago Cubs Carlos Marmol continue to blow every save opportunity feels just like deja vu.

To make things worse, watching the Cubs Dale Sveum continue to march Marmol out for save opportunities reminds me of watching Robert Griffin III continue to play in the Washington Redskins‘ playoff game. Both instances cause me to have the same reaction. Wow, I know more than the manager and coach.

Watching Griffin continue to play it was obvious to everyone with a brain and set of eyes that this guy shouldn’t be on the field. Except of course, the entire Redskins coaching staff. While Marmol isn’t hurt, it is also obvious to anyone with a brain that he is going to blow the game. Except of course, the Cubs coaching staff.

There are reports now that Marmol has been removed as the Cubs closer and that Kyuji Fujikawa will replace him. So what are you to do in fantasy baseball if you are stuck with Marmol on your roster? Trade him immediately. Of course, this is easier said than done. Anyone who has been paying attention to the first week of the baseball season has probably noticed that after appearing in three games, Marmol has a loss, an ERA of 27.00, and a WHIP of 4.80. That’s not a misprint, a WHIP of 4.80. Honestly the best you can expect in return for Marmol is a buy one get one free whopper coupon.

You can check your waiver wire, but in most leagues Fujikawa has probably been scooped up. So cut Marmol from your team and don’t look back.

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