Fantasy Baseball 2013: Trade For Josh Hamilton

By Corey March
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The old phrase “Get it while it’s hot” applies to most things in life but not fantasy baseball trades. Perhaps the most controversial topic in week one of the MLB season is the dreadful start from Josh Hamilton. The Los Angeles Angels committed five years and $125 million to Hamilton after five-time all-star spurned his former team to join their division rival. Six games into his Angels career, the deal has looked great for the Texas Rangers as Hamilton is off to a four for 29 start.

However, now is the time to invest in Hamilton if you are a fantasy baseball owner. There are plenty of irrational owners that are willing to part with the prized slugger after hearing the reports of his struggles. A poor start of this magnitude has his value at an all-time low.

Let’s look at the facts: we are just six games into the season, Hamilton has finished in the top-10 of the MVP voting three times out of four full seasons and he’s hitting clean-up for arguably the most talented lineup.

What many people, including many experts, are overlooking is that 16 out of his first 25 at-bats have come during day games. Hamilton is notoriously bad in day games which he attributes to his difficulties seeing the ball. He has hit .37 points lower in day games over the course of his career and so far has notched just one hit in his 16 day game at-bats compared to three in his nine in night appearances.

Many players have gotten off to slow starts this season but none has been more publicized than Hamilton’s. Capitalize on the overreaction that has swirled around his slow start by trading for him as soon as possible. His value is as low as it will ever be and he is a lock to finish as a top-10 fantasy outfielder. Get him while he’s cold!

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