Fantasy Football 2013: Alfred Morris vs. Doug Martin

By Cameron Adamczyk
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

If you hadn’t heard of them by now, you are most likely living under a rock. Alfred Morris and Doug Martin took the league by storm last season with incredible rookie seasons. They both performed in the top five of fantasy football standard leagues, and they both played way above expectations.

Now their sophomore seasons approach. They are both going to be first round draft picks in redraft and keeper leagues. They are both going to produce big numbers in standard and PPR formats. They are both going to blow away standards once again.

The question today is, if it were a life or death bet on which one would score more fantasy points in a standard league, who would win?

With any of these questions, there are many factors that go into the answer. The first is the amount of carries they’re going to get.

The obvious advantage has to go to Morris. With Robert Griffin III coming off serious knee surgery, it is not certain when he is going to return. If he doesn’t come back for week one, Morris may see more carries than he would usually see. However, it is really hard for Morris to get more carries than he did last season. He rushed the ball 335 times last year, but it isn’t crazy to expect 345 times next year.

The next variable is their supporting cast. The advantage also goes to Morris here. In the backfield with Morris is some guy named RGIII. With the diversity of the pistol offense, the defenses are not sure if he or RGIII is going to take the ball out of the backfield. The way RGIII keeps defenses on their heels is what gives Morris such a steep advantage.

The last variable is schedule. Both of these guys play in tough divisions, but the slight advantage goes to Doug Martin here. He plays in a division weighed heavily on offense. The New Orleans Saints, who they play twice a year, were dead last in rushing yards allowed. That shows that Martin is going to have it pretty easy.

Considering many other variables, I would have to choose Alfred Morris. Before researching, I thought I would want Doug Martin, but after research, how could I not choose Morris? He gets plenty of touches, he has a great supporting cast, he is young and he is athletic. The list goes on and on. I would give Morris a serious look for the number one overall pick in your drafts.


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