2013 Fantasy Baseball: What Should Roy Halladay Owners Do?

By Brian Fischler
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

If you have the Philadelphia Phillies Roy Halladay on your fantasy baseball team, you probably feel like Kevin Bacon at the end of the movie Animal House. You’re standing there yelling, “All is well, remain calm”, but of course inside you are freaking out.

Depending on when you drafted your team, you either took Halladay as early as the third round or if you drafted after Halladay kept getting rocked during Spring Training, then you probably took him as late as the 10th round. Either way, he is not helping your fantasy team. After two starts, Halladay is boasting a 14.73 ERA and a 2.45 WHIP.

While the Phillies have no choice but to march him out there every fifth day, you don’t have to. For now, Halladay should be residing on your bench as starting him is only going to destroy your ERA and WHIP further.

So if you are a Halladay owner, what are your options? The only leagues I would recommend cutting Halladay in is an eight-team league. In all other leagues, you have to stash him on your bench as he has no trade value. You can try shopping Halladay for someone like the Los Angeles Dodgers Josh Beckett, as Beckett owners are probably getting close to cutting him. The only kind of player you can expect to get in return for Halladay is probably another starting pitcher or closer that has gotten off to a dreadful start.

I would advise you to hold on to Halladay, as he is just as likely to turn his season around as a Beckett or the Milwaukee Brewers John Axford, but at least with Halladay the upside is much higher.

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