2013 Fantasy Baseball: Three Players Who Will Be Gaining Second Base Eligibility

By Brian Fischler
Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

If you are like me and got stuck without a second baseman late in your fantasy baseball draft, you probably ended up with someone like the Pittsburgh Pirates Neil Walker. Walker is off to a dreadful start hitting .103 through nine games. Or even worse you could have ended up with the Chicago White Sox Gordon Beckham who isn’t even playing.

If you got stuck with either of these guys, you need to check your waiver wire immediately, as there are three players who will be gaining second base eligibility in the coming weeks. Most leagues have a 10 or 20 game minimum at a position to gain eligibility. Depending on your league settings, those minimums are coming up quickly.

The Colorado Rockies Josh Rutledge was probably drafted in most leagues, and with the healthy return of Troy Tulowitzki in 2013, Rutledge has moved over to second. Rutledge has gotten off to a little bit of a slow start hitting .243 with no homers, and only one steal. If you are stuck with Walker or Beckham, see if you can steal him from the owner in your league before he gains second base eligibility.

Amazingly, the St. Louis Cardinals Matt Carpenter was still on one of my leagues waiver wires, and I just scooped him up. Carpenter headed into 2013 with first base, third base, and outfield eligibility, and was a big time sleeper of many fantasy baseball experts. As the every day second baseman for the Cardinals, Carpenter’s value increases even more. Carpenter is off to a sizzling start hitting .400, and just cranked his first homer of the season a couple of days ago. He shouldn’t be on any league’s waiver wire.

The San Diego Padres Jedd Gyorko was drafted in many leagues as he is a potential rookie of the year candidate. He has yet to homer, is hitting .250, and has been dropped in some leagues. Gyorko has been splitting time between third and second in the absence of Chase Headley. As a second baseman, Gyorko has more value, and I do expect his power numbers to come around. If you are stuck with a dud at second keep on eye on Gyorko to see when his eligibility at second will kick in.

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