Fantasy Baseball 2013: Analyzing The Trade

By Adam Pfeifer
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I’ll be honest.

I enjoy trading and do it quite a bit. The idea of pretending to be a general manager, working the metaphorical (and sometimes literal) phones is just a very fun and somewhat addicting concept. Despite trading a lot over the years in many different fantasy sports, not once have I ever seen a trade that went down in one of my leagues the other night. If you looked up the definition of “blockbuster” in the dictionary, a picture of the following trade would be seen directly next to it. It was star-studded, it was large, to quote the great Matthew Berry, it was “Whoa Crazy,Crazy”.

Team A Gets:

– Victor Martinez (DET)

– Miguel Cabrera (DET)

– Felix Hernandez (SEA)

– Michael Cuddyer (COL)

– Howie Kendrick (LAA)

Team B Gets:

– Buster Posey (SF)

– Ryan Braun (MIL)

– Josh Hamilton (LAA)

– Michael Bourn (CLE)

– Michael Young (PHI)


So, have you taken all of that in yet? Good, now it’s team to analyze and determine which side got the better end of this crazy deal. Team A was in serious need of some pitching, having already lost both Zack Grienke and Jered Weaver to injury. Team B was pretty deep in the pitching department and could afford to deal King Felix. The fact that Team A needed pitching in a bad way automatically gave Team B a bit of leverage in the deal. And boy did he take advantage of it or what?

Sure, he gave up arguably the best player in fantasy baseball in an injury-ridden position in Cabrera. Not to mention a fantasy ace in Hernandez. But look at what he got in return. Braun, who is no longer dealing with neck issues and obviously has the skill-set to finish the season as the number one player in fantasy. Not only that, but he got Hamilton, a huge bat with a powerhouse of a lineup behind him. Personally, I’m not as high on Hamilton this year, but you can’t bet against him finishing around .265/30/90. Then, he gets the number on catcher in fantasy baseball in Posey. And for insurance, why not grab a guy like Bourn, who is as legit a candidate as any to lead the majors in stolen bags.

Of course, Team A filled a specific need with a terrific arm. But I just don’t feel like they helped their all around roster by trading away so many stars. I mean, they literally traded away their entire starting outfield in one deal.  As of right now, Team B wins this deal, but what say you?

Adam Pfeifer is a featured fantasy sports columnist for Rant Sports.

You can follow him on Twitter @aPfeiferRS.


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