Fantasy Baseball: Slow Starts for Second Basemen

By Professor Bush
Rick Osentoski – USA Today Sports

Position scarcity has usually been an issue at second base in fantasy baseball leagues.  But the situation is even worse this spring with the bad starts of a few players at the position.

Jason Kipnis of the Cleveland Indians was the team’s second round draft pick in 2009. Last year, in his first full season with The Tribe, he had 86 runs, 14 HRs and 76 RBIs. These are pretty nice numbers for a 2B. There was great hope that in his second year, at age 26 and batting third in the lineup, Kipnis would be very productive. He was drafted around position 61 as the fifth 2B off the boards, close to Ben Zobrist, and a little higher in keeper leagues.

But so far this spring Kipnis has not delivered value for that pick. He is batting 4 for a 32  for a dismal .125 AVG. This week he has missed some games due to an elbow problem. While we can’t expect Kipnis to continue to hit below the Mendoza line, we do need to start asking if he maybe won’t turn out to be the contributor we thought he would.

Danny Espinosa has averaged 19 HRs over the past two seasons. There was some concern going into the season that his shoulder problems might cause him to lose some power, miss some games or both.  This week he has missed some games after getting hit on the wrist with a pitch.  His season has also started out below expectations with an AVG of .175 after 40 ABs.

Now that Aaron Hill, the seventh 2B off the boards this spring, has gone on the DL, you could have three managers in your league looking to acquire a 2B. So if you have a spare 2B or one of those middle infielders with multiple-position eligibility, now is the time to make some trade offers. You might find managers willing to bargain.

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