Fantasy Baseball 2013: Over/Under; Edition Three

By Adam Pfeifer
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It’s time for another edition of Over/Under with your host, Adam Pfeifer!

Okay, I’ll stop. This isn’t a game show, not one bit. The 2013 season is in full swing (no pun intended) and many players are off to impressive starts in particular categories. Will they maintain their solid pace and finish the season on top or will they struggle down the stretch? Let’s play, shall we?

Jacoby Ellsbury steals 40 bases

OVER: I think Ellsbury is one of the most overlooked fantasy players in the game today. It’s probably because he always seems to be injured and people just forget about him, but either way, he deserves more attention. In 2011, he produced a better year than last year’s Mike Trout, but nobody seems to bring it up (32 HR, 105 RBI, 39 SB). Anyway, as long as Ellsbury stays relatively healthy, he is going to absolutely smoke 40 bases in 2013. During the two seasons he’s played at least 150 games, Ellsbury has swiped 70 and 39 bags respectively. That is absolutely bonkers. So far this year, the 29-year old has nine steals, which ranks first in the American League. His OBP of .300 is strong, but imagine how many bases he can steal if that number improves? Again, health is always going to be the concern with Ellsbury, as he has a couple of seasons in which he hasn’t even suited up for 100 contests. However, I think this is the year he stays on the field, resulting in a plethora of stolen bases. Give me the over, please and thank you.

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Mike Trout drives in 95 runs

OVER: If there was one thing odd about Trout’s historic 2012 campaign, it was the lack of RBI based on his other statistics. Despite smashing 30 home runs and batting .326, Trout only (?) had 80 RBI. So, will he eclipse the 95-mark this year? I sure think so. After starting off rather slow, Trout has certainly heated up as of late, batting .409 with one home run and nine RBI in just this week alone. He may not hit 30 homers again, but the 21-year old should progress even more as an all around hitter, and with a star-studded lineup behind him, should see plenty of opportunity to drive in runs. I’m thinking he can make the push towards 110 runs batted in this season.

Giancarlo Stanton hits 30 home runs

OVER: Many fantasy owners are flipping out over the poor, frustrating start from Stanton. They need to look at their calendars, realize that it’s only April 21 and relax. Stanton is a prolific power hitter in this league and will hit at least 30 bombs this year. So he’s off to a slow start. Your point? In his career during the month of April, Stanton has three home runs, 18 RBI and is batting a weak .241. I mean, even last year he started off poorly and ended up finishing with a whopping 37 home runs. As for the lineup around him, it will most definitely impact his RBI totals, but not his home runs. Unless of course, opposing pitchers walk Stanton every time, which may not be a bad idea. I mean, have you seen the Marlins lineup?

Well, there you have it. Huh, I choose “Over” for all three stat lines. Maybe I should rename this column “Over or… over?”

Adam Pfeifer is a featured fantasy sports columnist for Rant Sports.

You can follow him on Twitter @aPfeiferRS.

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