Fantasy Baseball: Matt Kemp and Two Other Top Outfielders in a Funk

By Professor Bush


Kelvin Kuo – USA Today Sports


After three weeks of play, three top outfielders have yet to find their stroke, to the dismay of the fantasy baseball managers. On one hand 16 games or so are too small a sample size to draw any meaningful conclusions. On the other hand, it is long enough to have managers getting antsy. I wrote an article about these three players 10 days ago, but things have continued to roll down hill since then.

Matt Kemp had surgery on his shoulder in the off-season, which is undoubtedly contributing to his slow start. And his slow start has dragged down the Los Angeles Dodgers as well. The team got swept three games at home by the San Diego Padres and then lost a double header to the Baltimore Orioles. After 63 ABs, Kemp is just one hit above the Mendoza line and has yet to hit a HR. He only has two steals, but then again you can’t steal if you aren’t on base. If you own Kemp, I think all you can do is just be patient, since you certainly would not get fair value for him in a trade at this time. He did go three for five in one game this weekend, so maybe there is a chance he is starting to find his stroke.

Josh Hamilton is another top outfielder that hasn’t gotten started this season yet either. With the same number of ABs as Kemp, his one less hit has him just below the Mendoza line at .190. However, he does have two HRs. I’m wondering if the pressure of a big new contract with a new team might be a little more than he can handle. I’d be inclined to start making some trade offers involving Hamilton if I owned him, before this situation continues for too long.

Giancarolo Stanton would be pleased to be batting at the Mendoza line. In 43 ABs, he has no RBI, one run and one steal. He missed an entire week due to a shoulder contusion. He gets no protection in the Miami Marlins. If you can’t trade him for a reasonable value and you are in a keeper league, maybe you just hang on and hope that the Marlins will trade him at the trading deadline for some prospects.

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