Fantasy Baseball: Update on the Sports Writers League

By Professor Bush
Brad Mills – USA Today Sports

In a previous article, I gave you some details of the Sports Writers Fantasy Baseball League.  The managers are 12 sports writers, six of whom write here at Rant Sports. 

This is my first crack at a head-to-head fantasy baseball format; I have played only in rotisserie leagues prior to this.  So, I thought it would be a good idea to provide some observations about that format and the results of the league so far.

The first big difference is setting your lineup for a full week in advance.  The good news is that you don’t have to worry about doing this every day.  The bad news is that if a player gets injured early in the week you feel like you are playing on a penalty kill since you are a player short.  This happened to me this week when my 2B Aaron Hill went on the DL.  Then Brandon Moss went out for a few days on a paternity leave, so I was playing two men short on offense.  And I was already dipping into my bench once Jose’ Reyes went down.

The other very interesting part involves the use of the P spot on the roster.  You can, of course, fill this with an RP or an SP, but you are stuck with this decision for the entire week.  So there is some gamesmanship here involved in watching what your opponent is doing and trying to react to that before the deadline to set your roster.  The pitching stats for this league are Wins, Save, Holds, ERA, K and WHIP.  So, if you have one more SP in the lineup than your opponent, you might give yourself a better shot at winning the Wins or K category. Conversely, putting in one more RP might give you a better shot at the Holds and Saves.

I like the idea of the weekly mano-a-mano competition like we have in fantasy football.  And I know that having a playoff at the end of the season will give the league a little extra juice as well.

By the way, after three weeks yours truly, the Professor of Fantasy Sports, is running away with the league with a 26-5-5 record.  Bryce Harper has been my leading batter and Adam Wainwright my best pitcher.  But I know the standings  can change very quickly, and they might this week since I need to play the defending champion of the league.  Stay tuned.

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