2013 Fantasy Baseball: Los Angeles Angels Offense Analysis

By Brian Fischler
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

When the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim landed Josh Hamilton this offseason, they were considered one of the big winners of the Hot Stove League. With the addition of Hamilton, the Angels were many experts favorite to win the AL West, and many were predicting them to represent the American League in the World Series. So why are the Angels killing your fantasy team?

Through 16 games, Hamilton is hitting .190 with two home runs, and a 21 to 5 K/BB ratio. Not exactly what the Angels expected from their big offseason acquisition, nor what you expected from a likely second round draft pick. Sure, it is early, but with Hamilton’s injury history and off the field complications, it is probably only a matter of time before a DL stint is coming. You could try trading Hamilton, but you will get nowhere near his draft day value for him only three weeks into the season. You have to keep marching him out there like the Angels.

Mike Trout, a consensus top three overall draft pick is coming off a sensational 2012. It is impossible for Trout to live up to the lofty expectations he set for himself. Through 16 games, Trout is hitting .304, but has only two home runs and more alarming only one stolen base. His K/BB rate is 3 to 1, which could be a red flag. If you are a Trout owner it wouldn’t be crazy to think about dealing him, as you still can probably capitalize on his 2012 value.

Albert Pujols is off to a nice start hitting .322 with two home runs and only four strikeouts. The problem is Pujols is being limited to DH duty as his plantar fasciitis is killing him. The Angels plan to have Pujols play through the pain, but a DL stint is highly likely. Don’t be afraid to start shopping Pujols now.

Amazingly, Mark Trumbo only has 13 strikeouts, and is hitting .333. The problem is you drafted Trumbo for his power, and so far he has only one home run. Howie Kendrick is hitting .262 with a homer and a steal, but it seems like only yesterday baseball experts were calling this guy a future batting champ. I would say like most of the Angels they swung and missed on that one.

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