2013 Fantasy Baseball: Should You Add New York Yankees' Austin Romine?

By Brian Fischler
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Hopefully, I will not continue the trend here at Rant Sports of featuring a player and that player ending up on the disabled list. Yes, at Rant we have that kind of power. I like to call it Voodoo Cursing a player. Please see my fellow writers recent articles about the St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Matt Adams and the New York Yankees Catcher Francisco Cervelli.

It’s the injury to Cervelli, which leads me to take a look at the Yankees call up of Austin Romine. For years, I have been hearing that the Yankees have the best catchers in the minors. Ok, so where have they been? In 2012, the Yankees Russell Martin might have been great calling the signals but he was abysmal at the plate. Sure, Russell the Muscle powered 21 homers. But he hit .211, which absolutely kills you. His backup in 2012, Chris Stewart, hit .241 with only one home run.

Heading into 2013 when the Yankees let Martin sign with the Pittsburgh Pirates, it left the Yankees catching job wide open. I expected one of the Yankee prospects I have been hearing about for years to snatch the job. Surprisingly, the Yankees had other plans as they headed into the season with Cervelli and Stewart as their options at catcher. I guess the Yankees must really like being told they have the best catchers in the minors as it seemed like none of their young guns were ever going to get a shot with the big club.

On Friday night, Cervelli broke his right hand off a foul ball, which lands him on the disabled list for at least six weeks. Now, it is finally Romine’s time to shine. Through 14 games at Triple A, Romine was hitting .333 with a home run. Romine missed most of 2012 with an injury, and his last season where he saw regular at bats was in 2011 in Double A where he hit .286 with 6 home runs. I expect the catching job for the Yankees to be a platoon between Stewart and Romine, unless one of them gets hot. For now, each of them will catch three games a week, limiting their already low fantasy baseball value. Romine should only be considered in AL Only Leagues, two catcher started leagues and 20 team leagues as an add to your bench just in case he catches lighting in a bottle and puts up great numbers.

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