2013 Fantasy Baseball: Three Replacements for Kevin Youkilis

By Brian Fischler
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It was only a matter of time before the New York Yankees Kevin Youkilis landed on the disabled list. Yes, I said the same thing about the Colorado Rockies Troy Tulowitzki only a few days ago, but it looks like he will avoid the disabled list while the Yankees have officially placed Youkilis on it.

With all the injuries the Yankees have suffered this season, it is beginning to seem like their highly paid players are of the mind set that well, if that guy isn’t playing then why should I? Okay, so I know they’re not thinking that, but you can understand why I feel that way when you consider their starting first baseman, shortstop, third baseman, catcher, and center fielder are all on the DL. Now their backup players are heading to the DL, and I can’t wait until the pitching staff starts being affected. Oh wait, Ivan Nova is already on the DL, but that wasn’t a fantasy baseball loss.

If you are a Youkilis owner you are now scrambling to the waiver wire looking for a replacement. Here’s a list of three guys to consider replacing Youkilis with.

If you are in a keeper league then the Rockies Nolan Arenado has probably already been scooped up. Arenado will probably struggle a bit at the big league level, but hitting in Coors Field, you could do worse with a replacement and who knows, maybe he will get off to a hot start and surprise us. With the demotion of Chris Nelson the job is Arenado’s to lose.

The Minnesota Twins seem to be finding a way to fit Eduardo Escobar into the lineup. Through 15 games, Escobar is hitting a whopping .438 but only one homer. Don’t expect Escobar’s hot start to last, but for the next two weeks, snatch him up and hope he continues his streaky hitting.

Who would have ever thought that the Arizona Diamondbacks Eric Chavez would stay healthy longer than Youkilis? Okay, so it probably would have been an even money bet. Through 19 games, Chavez is hitting .241 with four home runs. With Aaron Hill’s absence, expect Chavez to continue seeing regular at bats, so go ahead and pick him up and enjoy the power until he likely ends up on the disabled list.

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