Dayan Viciedo's Raw Power an Easy Answer for Power-less Fantasy Baseball Teams

By Nick Tom
Jennifer Hilderbrand-USA Today Sports

The Chicago White Sox aren’t having what you’d call a “decent or something even remotely close to decent offensive year.” They have the second-lowest run total in the MLB (yielding the throne to the Miami Marlins), the fewest hits, fewest doubles, second-fewest total bases, second-fewest RBI, the second-lowest average, lowest on-base percentage, second-lowest slugging, second-lowest OPS, second-lowest blah, lowest blah, blah, worst blah and blah.

They are, what we in the writing business like to say, not good.

There’s a glimpse of hope though. That glimpse: Dayan Viciedo. And I suggest any fantasy team that needs some homer help pick him up.

Viciedo has that elusive raw power that people always talk about but you never see. He’s listed at 5’11”, 230 lbs. and is nicknamed “Tank” — a pretty sick nickname if it weren’t for Hawk Harrelson coining it, which ultimately makes it lame.

The power implied with a nickname like Tank, though, is what makes Viciedo so enticing. In 2012, he averaged a homer every 20.2 at-bats and hit 15.1 percent of his fly-balls out of the park. He’s hitting more balls in the air than ever —though that will definitely hurt his batting average — and once his HR/FB rate inches closer to his career rate, Viciedo’s seemingly struggling power should bounce back.

He won’t help you in the batting average department — his .371 BAbip is .64 higher than his career .307 — but his 22 percent line-drive rate should still keep his BAbip at a relatively high number. He’s striking out 30.4 percent of the time, which is way higher than usual, so once he starts putting the ball in play more, which he will, Viciedo’s RBI should increase in frequency and we should see his infamous power displayed a bit more.

He’s just coming off an injury and wasn’t producing much prior, but in the two games since he has returned, he has shown a bit of a rebound; your window for potentially getting him at value might be closing. He’s rosterable in all formats. He’ll hit you homers and will bat in the middle of a lineup that’s grossly underachieving.

Get him, thank me later. Or retweet me or something.

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