Will New England Patriot Tim Tebow Have Fantasy Football Value in 2013?

By Jim Heath
Tim Tebow, New England Patriots
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He’s been called the most polarizing figure in sports and now you can chalk Tim Tebow up as the Rasputin of the National Football League. Despite a general consensus that his playing days were behind him, the New England Patriots have come calling. Tebow is a Patriot.

Ok, I’ll stand by for the jeering, the chuckles and the sidebar comments. Sure, on the surface it seems ludicrous that the former Florida Gator will have any significant Fantasy Football relevance in 2013. The Patriots have arguably the greatest quarterback of all time calling their signals, a crowded backfield of running backs and the best tight end tandem in football. Is there even an offensive seat for Tebow on the New England bus?

You see, here’s the thing troubling me about the move, we’re talking about Bill Belichick. Belichick does nothing unless there is a purpose and we all know how stand off he is with the media. I cannot believe he brought Tebow and the media circus he brings to New England simply as a third-string quarterback option. It doesn’t make sense. It’s not “The Patriot Way.”

Think back to 2007 when the Patriots traded away a fourth round pick to the Oakland Raiders for Randy Moss. At the time of the trade there was some head scratching and second-guessing. Moss failed miserably as a Raider and most saw his better football days behind him. In fact, in 2007 Fantasy Football drafts the floor fell completely out from below Moss. Moss only finished the season as the best fantasy wide receiver under the Belichick tutelage.

Now, I am not saying the Tebow plan in New England will bring the same fantasy fortune to risk takers, but I can certainly see some value. The Patriots no longer have their deep cupboard of offensive weapons. Danny Woodhead and Wes Welker are distant Patriot memories and Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola cannot be depended on in light of recent injury issues.

Here’s the bottom line, the Patriots need bodies to feed the rock on the ground and through the air – Tebow can be that body. I am sure he will be listed as QB on the Patriot’s roster, but I am also willing to bet that you will see him at the very least in countless third down situations.

This is a low risk high reward for the Patriots. They are getting a top-notch character guy with intangibles that shoot through the roof and he has the athleticism to do some of the things Welker, Woodhead and Gronk did. Oh, and there’s absolutely no pressure on Tebow in New England. It’s a win-win for both parties.

Do you draft Tebow in 2013? In a word — No. Unless you want to be the “bonehead pick of the year” award recipient for your league. But should you keep your eye on him as the season progresses, possibly use him during bye weeks? That’s my “Tebow Plan” in 2013.

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