Fantasy Football 2013: What Are Draft Strategies?

By Cameron Adamczyk
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Fantasy Football is much more than a game for so many people. It is a way of life, a culture, a passion, a bonding experience, a place to trash talk and so much more.

The best feeling in the world comes from hoisting the championship trophy and watching your friends and family be overwhelmed with sadness from yet another defeat.

Where do you start the journey to hoisting the trophy? The first step is a successful draft.

The draft is a very complex being. There are a million different possible outcomes. That’s the reality of the unpredictability of a fantasy football draft.

The way to win a draft is to execute your game plan. What is a game plan? It is the order you want to select certain positions. You can also call these strategies.

One example of a strategy is Running Back Heavy, and the lineup for that would be RB-RB-RB-WR etc. There are many different strategies that you can explore, and in the following weeks, the Rant Sports Fantasy writers will do the hard work for you.

We will walk through nearly all the strategies you could possibly imagine. Some are going to be simple. Some are going to be weird. Some are going to work, and some aren’t. Instead of finding out on draft day, we will be the guinea pigs. Stay tuned for the strategies you want!

Cameron Adamczyk is a fantasy football writer for Rant Sports. Follow his TwitterFacebook, and Google Plus for constant sports updates!

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