Fantasy Football 2013: Robert Griffin III Outlook

By Tristen Challe
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Griffin III sprinted onto the fantasy scene in the 2012 season. Griffin’s rookie year was something everyone was talking about as he effortlessly brought his Washington Redskins squad to a playoff appearance.

Can we expect another big year from number 10 in red or will he have the sophomore slump many players are accustomed to having?

NFL fans around the nation remember the horrifying knee injury Griffin suffered in his final game of the 2012 season, and that is something all fantasy players are keeping a close eye on. Serious knee injuries have proven tough for NFL players to recover from, although players like Adrian Peterson showed us that this isn’t always the case.

Throughout Redskins practice Griffin has been wearing a brace on the injured knee. He’s went through practice wearing shorts and a red practice jersey, taking roll outs and making cuts without any sort of setback.

Looking past the brace he sports on his knee, one would never be able to tell that Griffin had suffered the horrible injury just months ago.

For now, Griffin’s average draft position is up in the air. His final position will solidify once we near the start of the regular season. At the time being, it appears that he will be fully ready to play in the Redskins’ week one contest.

If Griffin is 100% for week one as expected, he’s a quarterback you shouldn’t pass up in the draft. From what he has shown us, there will be no sophomore slump. He’s able to manage every game to perfection, stepping up as a leader on his team. Griffin never gets desperate and his decision making is impeccable, never forcing throws into double or triple coverage.

Later in the 2012 season, Griffin was very knowledgeable in not placing himself in situations where he could get injured. He seemed to learn to run out of bounds and avoid hits after his first injury to his knee in which he cart wheeled through the air on a high-low hit from defenders.

By learning this strategy so early in his career, fantasy players will be able to depend on Griffin to start each week of the season.

If you pass up on taking one of the few elite quarterbacks in the upcoming season’s draft, look towards Griffin to be your top passer and rack up those big fantasy points for your team.

Tristen Challe is a Fantasy Writer for Rantsports. Follow him on Twitter @TristenChalle

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