Chicago Cubs OF Nate Schierholtz Deserves More Fantasy Attention

By Mike Block
Nate Shierholtz
Jeff Hanisch – USA TODAY Sports

For some reason, Chicago Cubs OF Nate Schierholtz has not received any love in fantasy baseball this season. He is owned in only 23 percent of Y! Leagues, while being ranked 36th in OF-eligible fantasy players. He’s ranked ahead of players such as Adam Dunn, Austin Jackson and Melky Cabrera, who are all owned in over 70 percent of fantasy baseball leagues.

The 29-year-old is having a career year and could quite possibly be worthy of an National League All-Star roster spot. Schierholtz is sporting a .289 batting average with 11 home runs and 33 runs batted in, and he is by far the most productive and consistent player on his team. The fantasy neglect may be in large part due to the Cubs’ abysmal 33-44 record this season. But despite the bad team, numbers don’t lie, and Schierholtz’s numbers are as good as any in fantasy. His 19 doubles are more than players like Adrian Gonzalez, Joey Votto and David Ortiz and tie him with Triple-Crown contender Miguel Cabrera. His 11 home runs are more than Josh Hamilton, Gonzalez, Ryan Howard and Ryan Zimmerman, all whom have more at-bats than Schierholtz.

Schierholtz’s production should no longer be ignored, and he should be owned in way more fantasy leagues. He could be one of those players that gets your team over the hump and into the playoffs. If you see him on free agency, pick him up immediately.

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