2013 Fantasy Football Preview: Jake Locker

By Taylor Sturm
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously anyone in their right mind would not pick Jake Locker as their starting quarterback for the 2013 Fantasy Football season. He is unproven and has not had the type of career so far that you would expect from a No. 8 NFL draft pick. However, Locker will be the biggest surprise quarterback of this NFL season and is definitely worth a late pick as your backup quarterback.

The Tennessee Titans will finally have an offensive line that is capable of blocking for Locker, which is something that the Titans have struggled with since Matt Hasselbeck led the team to the playoffs.

With a better offensive line, Chris Johnson — who you should also pick in your Fantasy draft — will be performing much better. With Johnson performing better, Locker will be able to throw more freely without worrying about being crushed every few downs.

In addition to being able to have time to throw the ball, Locker will have more deep threats at receiver. Kenny Britt, Kendall Wright and new addition Justin Hunter are all capable of making a big play on every down.

Don’t forget, Locker is a duel threat quarterback. He doesn’t run often, but when he does he usually succeeds. He actually ran faster than the Carolina PanthersCam Newton in the combine. He can score on the ground but makes better decisions than some of the quarterbacks who can run the ball. This will significantly increase the amount of Fantasy points he will accumulate throughout the season.

Locker shouldn’t be your first quarterback picked, but he has enough potential to warrant a place on your team.

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