2013 Fantasy Football Preview: Kansas City Chiefs' Jamaal Charles

By Scott DelleFave
Jamaal Charles
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs feature running back Jamaal Charles made a complete recovery from an ACL tear the previous season. Despite the 2-14 record the Chiefs had, Charles ran for a career best 1,509 yards with five touchdowns. With adding a solid quarterback Alex Smith via a trade and drafting offensive Eric Fisher with the first overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft who is regarded as an excellent run and pass blocker, Charles should be able to gain yet even more yards than last season. Charles is an extremely explosive running back who can seemingly score anywhere on the field which makes him a dangerous weapon for opposing team’s defenses as he can catch the ball out of the backfield as well as he had 35 catches for 236 receiving yards and a touchdown.

This would have been particularly effective granted they drafted running back Knile Davis in this year’s draft as well, but this shouldn’t deter Charles hardly at all. If anything, this should push him harder to show to new head coach Andy Reid that he is the feature back and will be for years to come. Also, the Chiefs drafted fullback Braden Wilson who was considered the best true blocking fullback in this year’s class and it will be like having a sixth lineman out the leading the way and plowing the road for him.

Charles’ 2013 projected numbers are: 1625 rushing yards, seven rushing touchdowns with 30 catches for 215 yards receiving. It is extremely likely this happens since it’s always seemed that when healthy, opposing teams have always had problems defending against him due to him being so dynamic between his rushing, receiving and his seemingly third gear of speed.

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