Houston Texans' Arian Foster: Why He Should be the First Pick in Your Fantasy Draft

By Taylor Sturm
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Winning in Fantasy Football isn’t about picking the best player for six weeks out of the season; it’s about having a team that consistently gains a decent amount of points week after week — which is why there isn’t any player in the NFL that you should pick first overall in your 2013 Fantasy Football draft except the Houston Texans’ Arian Foster.

Foster is just a solid choice. He racks up yards and touchdowns, as well as rarely getting injured. He tends to have a good year every year.

The Texans’ star player also plays in a division of the NFL that doesn’t have too spectacular of defenses. The best defense in the AFC South that isn’t the Texans is probably the Tennessee Titans, and Foster ran all over them last season.

Next to the potential of Chris Johnson, there isn’t a better duel threat running back in the entire NFL. He has shrugged off the tendency to fumble that he showed with the Tennessee Volunteers in college and uses his size, speed and power to run past the defense off both handoffs and catches. This allows for bigger stats and, for you, more room for Fantasy points.

There is no point in wasting your first choice on a quarterback; there should be some great ones left in later rounds. A solid running back like Foster is the player that will continue to get your team points all season long.

If you don’t pick Foster first in your Fantasy Draft, you will end up regretting it for the rest of the season.


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