Fantasy Football 2013: Auction Drafts Should Be New Standard

By Jim Heath
Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The fantasy football auction draft, for some, seems to be an enigma wrapped inside a puzzle surrounded by mystery. When explaining the process, the fallacies I hear about auction formats baffle me.

“It already takes us hours to do a traditional draft, an auction will take a week to get through!” “We don’t have the personnel for something like that.” I’ve even heard something similar to “dude, don’t you need like a Master’s degree in statistics to join auction drafts?”

Before I begin the why and how of the auction draft, let’s oust the myths, shall we?

Much like traditional snake drafts, it’s something everyone can participate in — just grab a cheat sheet with auction values. It is actually faster than snake drafts, or, maybe it just seems that way as you find your guests more entertained as each individual is involved in all picks. Finally, if the idea of alienating a friend forever by appointing him or her as auctioneer horrifies you, simply don’t. Use a (mostly free) online auction draft service.

Now that we know you don’t need some kind of degree to get the job done, let’s discuss the why.

Anyone out there praying they have a chance at Adrian Peterson in this year’s draft? Are you the one praying you don’t draw a top five pick because you are well aware of the “top-five projection jinx” of recent fantasy seasons? In the auction process, everyone has an opportunity to draft Peterson and you, not the luck of the draw, dictate where you draft, when you draft and whom you draft.

Basically, you are in charge and control your own destiny.

There is one old-school tried-and-true draft day must that I always have adhered to – the quarterback and wide receiver combo. If you want Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson in the traditional snake, this often requires luck or sneaky strategy. But in an auction, all you need is the funds and you have a pair of Detroit Lions.

How many times have you shown up to your league draft with an idea of how your team will look for the season, only to have draft position, draft trends and ridiculous runs on positions leave you feeling cheap and used as you walk out dejected with zero excitement towards the upcoming season?

Well, that scenario just doesn’t happen when you are in control of the situation in auction drafts.

Changing from the traditional to an auction format is a tough sale. This I understand. There may be old-school folks in your league that brag to this day about winning the league because they grabbed Scott Mitchell and later Steve DeBerg from the waiver wire shortly after Dan Marino ruptured his Achilles tendon back in ’93.

Stay the course, put up a good show, perform your best Dale Carnegie impression and remind the old guard that folks were positive the world was flat before Christopher Columbus changed minds.

Better yet, just tell everyone they could land both AP and Arian Foster in their fantasy football backfields this season – that should do the trick.

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