Fantasy Football Draft Day Strategy: Quarterback Style

By Tristen Challe
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The fantasy football draft is a stressful time for any fantasy player. Researching players in depth and predicting whether or not they will bring your team to the championship can be quite a tough task.

Instead of focusing on individual players, why not focus your attention on the style of players you want to roster? This draft strategy is outlined in my draft day strategies style of player article.

As we dive into assessing the style of play in individual player positions, we begin with the quarterback position.

The first question you want to ask yourself is do I want a pocket passer or a mobile, running style of quarterback? Both options have their respective positives and negatives when it comes to gaining fantasy points.

First, we start off with the pocket passer style of quarterback.

These types of players like to sit back and wait for the receivers to make their move while scanning the field for the best option. A few examples of players like this would be Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers, New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees, and New England Patriots’ Tom Brady.

The aforementioned players are some of the NFL’s best in terms of the pocket passer style of play. Their unmatched ability to maintain composure in the pocket and connect with the receivers on the field can bring huge points to your fantasy team. Racking up yardage and touchdown passes is something these types of players are accustomed to doing.

If you’re looking for players to score you fantasy points through high yardage totals and passing touchdowns, these are the only players you should think about drafting this season.

The second option you can take when drafting your star quarterback is picking a running style quarterback.

These players can bring you fantasy points through the air but also can add major points in the rushing column. When a play is broken down, they won’t force the pass to the receiver but take off on foot to salvage anything they can on the play.

Often times teams that have this style of quarterback game plan to keep the ball in the quarterback’s hands and see what he can do. Not only do these players gain rushing yards, but they also gain rushing touchdowns which, in most leagues, result in more points than a passing touchdown.

Some of the NFL’s best at this playing style are Washington Redskins’ Robert Griffin III, Carolina Panthers’ Cam Newton and San Francisco 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick, all of whom gained massive fantasy points last season. Taking a running style quarterback can be quite beneficial to a fantasy team, but it can also can be quite risky as they have a greater chance to get injured as we have seen season after season from Philadelphia Eagles’ Michael Vick.

Now that the two quarterback styles have been laid out, the only thing to do is for you to decide which type of player you want to draft to have the best chance to carry your team to the championship. In the words of Jigsaw from the Saw series: The choice is yours, make your move.

Tristen Challe is a Fantasy Writer for Rantsports. Follow him on Twitter @TristenChalle

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