Jacksonville Jaguars' Cecil Shorts is the Best Fantasy Football Draft Value at Wide Receiver in 2013

By Jim Heath
Cecil Shorts Jacksonville Jaguars
Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

I have a question. What if I told you there was a Fantasy Football wide receiver that finished the second half of the season last year with right at 700 receiving yards and that he caught a touchdown in four of his last six games? Sounds like a solid prospect for your team this year?

What if I then told you this same wide receiver was actually the team’s number-two receiving option and that the number-one receiver is out the first four games of this season? Sounding better?

Let me ask you this. Are you aware that most Fantasy Football experts do not believe a wide receiver hits breakout status until their third season in the league? If you weren’t before, you’re now informed which is important as this receiver is entering his – you guessed it – third season in the NFL. The proverbial stars seemed aligned for a big season, right?

Well, there’s one problem – apparently the consensus either doesn’t believe so or he is simply over looked, as his current ADP is between 27 and 32 in mock drafts this season.

Jacksonville Jaguars’ wide receiver Cecil Shorts took the Fantasy Football world by storm the second half of 2012. Aside from the stats listed before, Shorts was targeted an average of 10.87 times during that stretch. Yet, he is getting zero love in Fantasy Football drafts.

The oversight, or lack of respect of others, is your gain. If you take his last half stats and project them over an entire season Shorts would have 1400 yards receiving and 10 touchdowns. I will temporarily pause for you to ponder these numbers.

If Shorts is able to reproduce even close to last year’s stats this season with the understanding of his ADP, that would make him the best valued wide receiver of the entire draft. You would have the opportunity to draft him in late rounds and your return on said investment could be a top 10 to 15 wide receiver.

I would generally wrap up a story like this with a sentence that begins, “The bottom line is … ” In this case, if you don’t already know “the bottom line”, I am afraid you are beyond help.

If this article is read in the context it was intended, it’s about as subtle as – I don’t know — a baseball bat to the side of the head. Basically said in all caps and bolded type – “You want Shorts, you need Shorts, draft Shorts in 2013. “

You can thank me later.

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