2013 Fantasy Football: Grow Up; Join A 14-Man League

By Adam McGill
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Here we are entering the 2013 fantasy football season and the sport is at an all-time high as far as player participation. It seems that everyone is in at least one league nowadays and the popularity grows by the day. It is seriously an addiction.

Although fantasy football is at the peak of it’s success, it still appears that some people would rather play in a small 10 or even eight man league.  Some find it easier to stay in their basic fantasy league or simply don’t want to welcome the new challenge.

Most people don’t waste their time in eight-man leagues anymore because it is simply Child’s Play. It offers no real challenge to the expert fantasy owner and is honestly more boring than anything else. It is time to grow up.

In eight-man leagues there will be around 120 players drafted, if each team has a 15-man roster. However, larger leagues have larger benches, so naturally more players are drafted. In most 14-man IDP leagues, the bench is around 25 players. This means that the top 350 players will likely be drafted, which is a far cry from the 120 players taken in a standard eight-man league.

Additionally, there is a reason that every fantasy football mock draft out there has more than 10 owners. It is the most challenging form of fantasy out there and will test the depth of your sleeper lists every draft.

If you have never played in a 14-man league before, it is time to man up and join the big boys.

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