2013 Fantasy Football Bust: WR Pierre Garcon

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Every fantasy football season there are a handful of wide receivers that are simply surrounded by too much hype. One of these wideouts this season is Pierre Garcon of the Washington Redskins.

Garcon is currently being drafted as a WR2 in most formats and the veteran is even being drafted as a number one option in deeper leagues. Looking at his statistics from last year, though, he was just mid-level option at best last year. In 10 games, Garcon caught 44 balls for 633 yards and a measly four touchdowns. He was ranked 28th in the league with just 63.3 yards per contest and it was a completely mediocre performance.

Washington was first in the NFL in rushing the ball and averaged 169.3 yards per game. RB Alfred Morris was a workhorse for the team and head coach Mike Shanahan is slowly transitioning the squad into a running team. Now mix in Robert Griffin III’s propensity to run with the ball and the passing game is likely to suffer. Garcon won’t receive tons of targets in Washington simply because the team won’t be taking tons of shots downfield.

Garcon has also missed significant time throughout his entire career. He missed two games in 2008, two games in 2009, two games in 2010, and six games last season due to injury. He had off-season surgery to repair a torn labrum in his shoulder, and while he may look healthy in camp, I would rather pick a guy who wasn’t on the operating table this summer.

I would grab Torrey Smith, DeSean Jackson, Greg Jennings, and Anquan Boldin all before Garcon in drafts. Garcon is worth drafting as a WR3 this fantasy season, but drafting him as a WR2 is a bit risky in my opinion.


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  • William parker

    ughhh… spouting his stats for the “10 games” is highly misleading. 1 of those games, the game he got hurt, he only played for 1 series. The rest of these games, he was never 100%, he was on a snap count most of the time, and never really had the timing or health to have any meaningful stats. Of course his health is a concern, but the stats from last year should not be. If you think the Redskins are paying Garcon 12 million this year just so he can be a decoy you’re sadly mistaken. They plan to use him, and use him heavily, so long as his health holds up.

  • Mo Jo

    William Parker makes a good point. He was out during weeks 2 & 3, tried to play weeks 4 & 5 but was a shadow of himself, posting a combined 44 yards. He came back week 11, with a serious snap count, and they didn’t try him downfield at all — he posted 3 receptions on 3 targets for 5 yards. Weeks 12-17 he played injured, but at least he actually played in those games. Not including weeks 2, 3, and 11, here was his line last year.

    7 Games averaging 83 yards, 0.6 TDs, and 5 receptions on 8 Targets. He averaged 14.7 yards per reception.

    Not including the two injury weeks (4 & 5) or his limited return week (11), he only put up two games of less than 80 yards. Here they are: a week 17 games against Dallas wherein Dallas couldn’t stop the run all day, causing Pierre Garcon put up only 46…but in the game Griffin only threw for 100. The only other week he posted less than 80 was his 65 yard line in week 15…in which RGIII did not play. But, hell, leave those two games in. Doesn’t matter. Extrapolate his numbers over 16 games….

    1,328 yards, 9.6 TDs, 80 receptions on 128 targets.

    Those are better-than Vincent Jackson numbers. Hurt. The guy put up Vincent Jackson numbers while hurt. Torrey Smith, Anquan Boldin, Greg Jennings, and Desean Jackson? No chance I’m drafting any of those guys over Garcon.