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25 Awesome Name Options for Your 2013 Fantasy Football Team

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Fantasy Football 2013: 25 Awesome Name Options for Your Team

Kirby Lee - USA TODAY Sports

As the 2013 Fantasy Football season swiftly approaches, fantasy owners are scrambling to research their draft plans, sleepers, most important IDP players, league rules and everything in between. As you browse through all of the injury reports, depth charts and transactions, do not forget one of the most important components to any fantasy football team: your team’s name!

There is nothing worse than making it through your league’s draft with a solid draft class but realizing that you have the worst, least creative name in your entire league. And believe you me, there are some really bad names out there.

In doing some research, I found some team names that made all too obscure references or made rude or tasteless jokes. Be careful with these names because the references will either be forgotten or taken offensively. Aaron Hernandez is probably a topic you should avoid, at least, unless the name is too clever to pass up. Another rule of thumb that some people do not follow is to stay within your sport. If you are playing fantasy football, do not make an Alex Rodriguez word play for your name. It may be funny, but it is not relevant and will not be appreciated.

My final suggestion of names to stay away from are names that are way overdone. Do not succumb to “Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood” or “The Muscle Hamster.” These are funny and witty names, but they will be overused beyond reason. Be creative, be humorous, and be original if at all possible.

Some owners just are not creative, and that is okay. But, there is nothing worse than showing up with a literal team name, like “The Pittsburgh Steelers,” or throwing random words together that make no sense, like “Monkeys Pillaging Football Awesomeness.” If you are not creative, then you are in the right place. You did the right thing in researching some good names to use. There is no shame in borrowing from someone else, and that is exactly what this list is for. Thus, I hope your enjoy my list of the top 25 best names for your fantasy football team.

Note: I am not creative enough to think of 25 of my own witty names, so I researched many of the following from websites: fantasysports.org, dcksportsblog.wordpress.com, guycodeblog.mtv.com, guysgirl.com and pbody5205.hubpages.com.

Isaac Comelli is a Los Angeles Dodgers writer for RantSports.com. Follow him on Twitter @IsaacComelli, “Like” him on Facebook or follow him on Google.

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No. 25: Jamaal My Children

Denny Medley - USA TODAY Sports

Jamaal Charles has been running through defensive backfields for years. Coupling the NFL player’s name with the long-running soap opera seems to be an odd pairing, but most everyone has heard of the soap, making it a great choice.

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No. 24: Boston Tebow Party

Stew Milne - USA TODAY Sports

The polarizing figure that is Tim Tebow comes along with a great, malleable name. I could have easily made a top 25 list of just Tebow-related fantasy names, but I limited myself to just this one. The Boston Tea Party reference is just perfect with Tebow’s offseason signing with the New England Patriots.

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No. 23: Ju-li-oooooooo

Daniel Shirey - USA TODAY Sports

This name is the first of my own creations. Everybody remembers the infamous and short-lived Rufio character from the 1990s movie Hook. Fantasy owners will hope Julio Jones does not suffer the same fate, and so will Jones’ mother.

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No. 22: No Punt Intended

Rich Barnes - USA TODAY Sports

Classic. Simple. Elegant. This team name makes a pun off the word pun, and it incorporates football. What more could you need?

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No. 21: Here's My Number, Call Me Brady

Greg M. Cooper - USA TODAY Sports

Carly Rae Jepsen gifted (more like tortured) even the sports world with her infamous one-hit wonder. If you just recently forgot about this song after months of trying, forgive me, because Tom Brady's name fits just too well to pass it up.

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No. 20: Cromartie McFly

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

I love a good Back to the Future reference, so I had to jump on this one when I heard it. Antonio Cromartie could very well be Michael J. Fox -- from the future -- with a really good disguise.

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No. 19: C.J. Spill, C.J. Run

Kevin Hoffman - USA TODAY Sports

Okay, this one might be a bit of a stretch, but I thought it was pretty creative. I am almost certain C.J. Spiller would approve, and so would Spot.

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No. 18: Kaep'n Crunch

Jack Gruber - USA TODAY

Colin Kaepernick burst on to the scene in 2012, and his performance definitely earns him as much respect as the cereal captain.

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No. 17: Brady Quinn, Medicine Woman

Kirby Lee - USA TODAY Sports

This was actually my fantasy football team name in 2012. I am sure both Brady Quinn and Jane Seymour would have been proud.

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No. 16: Vince Young and the Restless

Brace Hemmelgarn - USA TODAY Sports

Another soap opera reference! But I don't care. The best irony in this name is Vince Young’s aging body. At 30 years of age and after having signed with his fourth team, Young is certainly restless for some playing time before it is too late.

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No. 15: Cecil's Short Shorts

Robert Mayer - USA TODAY Sports

Who loves short shorts? Cecil Shorts loves short shorts. Well, okay. Probably not, but you get the point.

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No. 14: Henne Boo Boo

Rob Foldy - USA TODAY Sports

There is not a whole lot Chad Henne is good for in the NFL besides wordplay and bench warming. At least he has the name going for him. Side note: it would be really strange if Henne and Honey Boo Boo ended up in a really weird relationship 20 years from now.

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No. 13: Of Rice and Mendenhall

Mark J. Rebilas - USA TODAY Sports

Classic literature reference for the win! If you do not get this one, blame your high school educators. Forgive me for not being able to find a picture of both Ray Rice and Rashard Mendenhall that I had permission to use.

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No. 12: What Would Breesus Do?

John David Mercer - USA TODAY Sports

Everybody loves a good Drew Brees joke. Do not get me wrong; I do not think Brees is comparable to Jesus. I just appreciate the wordplay!

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No. 11: Flactose INTolerant

Kirby Lee - USA TODAY Sports

I do not mean to poke fun at the dairy-inept people of the world, but would it not be ironic if Joe Flacco happened to get all bloated and upset whenever he drank milk?

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No. 10: Somewhere Over the Dwayne Bowe

Andrew Weber - USA TODAY Sports

This might be the most overused name on my list, but Dwayne Bowe’s name is so oddly close to rainbow that it makes it perfect for wordplay. Do not feel bad about using this name.

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No. 9: Man in the Tyron Mask

Kirby Lee - USA TODAY Sports

Combining an awesome movie/book with an NFL lineman seems to make complete sense. Too bad Tyron Smith’s facemask is made of plastic.

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No. 8: Orton Hears a Boo

Matthew Emmons - USA TODAY Sports

Poor Kyle Orton. Life is hard for the underachieving quarterback, and there is a good chance fans will be giving him some more boos this year.

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No. 7: Sexy and I Knowshon It

Ron Chenoy - USA TODAY Sports

This is another name I came up with myself. Good ol’ pop culture giving us famous songs to allude to. Knowshon Moreno's parents must have known his name would be tweaked and played with when they named him.

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No. 6: Tootsie Sproles

Derick E. Hingle - USA TODAY Sports

Most fantasy owners would be more than happy to give Darren Sproles a whole bag of Tootsie Rolls if he runs all over defenses again this year. Maybe even two bags.

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No. 5: Le'Veon Bell of the Montee Ball

Charles LeClaire - USA TODAY Sports

We have got a rookie double dipper going on in this one. Fantasy owners are still to see whether Le’Veon Bell and Montee Ball will be fantasy sleepers or if they can burst onto the scene and be “Bells” of the “Ball”.

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No. 4: DeMarco! Polo!

Greg Bartram - USA TODAY Sports

DeMarco Murray is certainly not a “fish out of water” in the Fantasy Football world.

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No. 3: I Love Witten, No Romo

Matthew Emmons - USA TODAY Sports

If you happen to not understand this reference, ask your local “bro” to explain. A Dallas Cowboys fan might also be able to express some of the joy and anguish behind this name as well.

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No. 2: Sanchez's Butt Fumbles

Rich Barnes - USA TODAY Sports

Okay, I will be honest. This name is probably one of the least creative names on the list, but it makes me giggle like a school girl every time I hear it. If you have been living under a rock, go search the internet for Mark Sanchez's butt fumble -- when you finish the list.

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No. 1: Belichick Yourself Before You Rex Yourself

Ed Mulholland - USA TODAY Sports

This is most definitely my favorite name and thus, I saved it for last. This name combines witty wordplay and one of football’s best rivalries and the head coaches involved. Well played, guysgirl.com. Well played. Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan should be honored by the wit and creativity with which they are associated.

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