Carolina Panthers’ Cam Newton is Overvalued in Fantasy Football Drafts

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The key to having a successful Fantasy Football draft is choosing the players that will consistently give your team a decent number of points rather than players that will have three or four huge games in the season.

The Carolina Panthers’ Cam Newton is a popular choice for a Fantasy quarterback because of both his running ability and his passing ability, but there are much better options out there for quarterback in 2013.

The Panthers have a chance to make the NFL playoffs in 2013. The Atlanta Falcons should win the NFC South, but after that it’s a free for all for second in the division and a possible Wild Card place. If Carolina plays to their strengths they could sneak into the playoffs at 9-7 or 10-6.

Unfortunately for those wanting to draft Newton, the Panthers’ strength lies in their running game without him. Don’t get me wrong, Newton will put up some huge numbers. However, I don’t think he’ll have the kind of prolific season that Fantasy players have come to expect from their quarterbacks.

It would make much more sense to go with a safe quarterback like Drew Brees or Tom Brady instead of one that tries to do it all himself. Newton is an exceptional athlete, but the best place for him on your team would be a backup quarterback.

At least at backup you would be able to see how the season plays out before starting him, because it would be terrible for him to not be the breakout athlete of the year.

The NFL is physical. Imagine if you get stuck with a quarterback like Blaine Gabbert or Geno Smith at backup and he was injured? Newton is definitely an asset for any Fantasy team, but you shouldn’t rely on him for points.

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  • BCleveland3381

    This is an article written by someone that knows nothing about fantasy football. Cam Newton is a top 5 fantasy QB. You talk about the strength of the Carolina Panthers being their running game, but fail to mention that Cam Newton led the team in rushing yards and TDs last year, and has had over 20 rushing TDs the last 2 seasons.

    In standard scoring leagues, rushing yards and TDs are worth more than passing TDs and yards. So if you convert Cam Newton’s rushing statistics into passing statistics based on the points he gets for these statistics, it would be equal to him throwing for 5,721 yards and 31 TDs. And those numbers are actually down from what he did in 2011. Please explain to me how those are numbers equal to a backup QB?

    Cam Newton has been a top 5 fantasy football QB for the past 2 seasons, and barring injury, will be again. If you want to win your fantasy league, stay away from this guy’s articles. He has no idea what he’s talking about.

    • Taylor Sturm

      It’s not that I don’t think that he can do it. Mobile quarterbacks keep getting injured, and Panthers play some pretty tough defenses in 2013. I’m saying don’t only rely on Cam Newton, because one injury could kill your Fantasy team. I love the way he plays and think he’ll be an elite quarterback one day.

      • BCleveland3381

        You are not distinguishing between elite NFL QB and elite Fantasy QB. They aren’t the same thing. Cam has been a top 4 fantasy football QB each of his first two seasons. And Cam Newton is a lot bigger than Mike Vick or RG3, making him better at taking some of the shots than the smaller guys. There is no doubt Cam Newton is a top 5 fantasy QB, the stats from the past two seasons prove it. I would have to double check, but Im pretty sure in his 2011 season, he was a top 2 or 3 fantasy QB in the league.

        One injury from any top player could kill your fantasy team. Do you downgrade Aaron Rodgers? He was sacked more than any QB in the NFL, because his offensive line is one of the worst in football. If he got injured, wouldn’t that cripple your fantasy team, too? Cam Newton has played 16 games in each of his first two seasons in the league. You can’t downgrade a guy because he could get hurt, even though his injury history in the league has never shown that.

        • Taylor Sturm

          I see where you’re coming from, but I disagree. I’d much rather have Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, etc.

          • BCleveland3381

            Im not arguing those 4 guys couldn’t be better than Newton, they absolutely could. But fantasy football is a game of numbers, and when you offer a differing opinion about Cam Newton from the rest of the fantasy world, but offer no numbers to back them up, it takes away quite a bit from your argument.

          • Taylor Sturm

            I appreciate your point about the article lacking numbers. I’ll try to do another Anti-Fantasy Cam Newton piece that focuses more on numbers than mentality. I approach Fantasy football from a “who would be the most consistent” perspective, rather than a “who will have the biggest upside” view, and I didn’t account for others who thought that way.

      • BCleveland3381

        Let me ask it this way. Find me 5 better Fantasy football Quarterbacks than Cam Newton.

        • AdamMcGill

          How is Cam looking this season? 1.5 TDs, 177 passing yards, 26.5 rushing yards per game. LOOKS LIKE TOP-FIVE NUMBERS TO ME! LOL

          Maybe think before you start trashing a writer next time…

  • Nahbro

    I agree with BCleveland3881 and I just wanted to make another point: “The Panther’s strength is in their run game without [Cam]” Perhaps you haven’t heard but Johnathan Stewart is out for 6 weeks! All they have now is DeAngelo Williams who is now going to have to try to convert back to a 3-down back from being the 3rd-down type of guy. I think this just adds value to Cam and will make him a really strong FF play. Sure he’s got an injury risk but so does any QB.

    • Taylor Sturm

      It’s not just Stewart; I believe Kenjon Barner is going to be a fantastic NFL player. And yes, I agree with your point about injury always being possible, but I just see Newton as more of a risk now that Stewart is out. He’ll try and do more than he has to, and, in the NFL, that’s how mobile quarterbacks get injured.