Carolina Panthers’ Cam Newton is Overvalued in Fantasy Football Drafts

By Taylor Sturm
Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The key to having a successful Fantasy Football draft is choosing the players that will consistently give your team a decent number of points rather than players that will have three or four huge games in the season.

The Carolina Panthers’ Cam Newton is a popular choice for a Fantasy quarterback because of both his running ability and his passing ability, but there are much better options out there for quarterback in 2013.

The Panthers have a chance to make the NFL playoffs in 2013. The Atlanta Falcons should win the NFC South, but after that it’s a free for all for second in the division and a possible Wild Card place. If Carolina plays to their strengths they could sneak into the playoffs at 9-7 or 10-6.

Unfortunately for those wanting to draft Newton, the Panthers’ strength lies in their running game without him. Don’t get me wrong, Newton will put up some huge numbers. However, I don’t think he’ll have the kind of prolific season that Fantasy players have come to expect from their quarterbacks.

It would make much more sense to go with a safe quarterback like Drew Brees or Tom Brady instead of one that tries to do it all himself. Newton is an exceptional athlete, but the best place for him on your team would be a backup quarterback.

At least at backup you would be able to see how the season plays out before starting him, because it would be terrible for him to not be the breakout athlete of the year.

The NFL is physical. Imagine if you get stuck with a quarterback like Blaine Gabbert or Geno Smith at backup and he was injured? Newton is definitely an asset for any Fantasy team, but you shouldn’t rely on him for points.

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