Jordan Cameron is the Next Rob Gronkowski of Fantasy Football

By levinewman
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

If your starting tight end only caught 20 passes for 226 yards (one touchdown), you probably wouldn’t say that he’s the second coming of New England Patriots pass-catching stud Rob Gronkowski, especially if we’re talking fantasy football.

But what if it’s true and he’s right under your nose?

Jordan Cameron, by all accounts, is pretty raw at the position. Originally a basketball player, the 6-foot-5 tight end has the ability to stretch the middle of the field, dominating linebackers with his size, or go up and get the ball in the end zone. Entering his third season with the Cleveland Browns, Cameron is in line to make a big difference for quarterback Brandon Weeden since Ben Watson moved to the New Orleans Saints.

This year, Cameron will be lining up not only in usual tight end formations; he’ll be filling the slot. This will allow him to slip in behind the linebackers more quickly and utilize his athleticism to make plays. With receivers like Josh Gordon and Greg Little stretching the field, this should allow Cameron to be the much needed safety value that Weeden needs.

But these facts alone won’t make Cameron a better player. He’ll need the help of his second-year quarterback to start matching Gronk-type numbers. And by all accounts, that’s why it could happen. In his rookie season, Weeden completed just 57.4 percent of his passes, compiling a modest 14 touchdown passes to 17 interceptions. But if you’ve seen him this preseason, even he looks poised to increase his productivity.

Weeden appears to have taken a huge step forward, using his strong arm and an assortment of talent to become a much better passer. Thus far in preseason, he’s thrown for 229 yards, three TDs and a passer rating of 139.8. It’s preseason, but that’s a great stat line showing his growth from last year.

Cameron, in his own right, has compiled four catches for 72 yards and two TDs. That just goes to show you that in limited action and playing against first-team defenses, Cameron has the ability to put up good numbers. These should turn into huge fantasy numbers this year.

Jordan Cameron has all the tools to become the next great pass-catching tight end. Let’s just see if he can give Gronk a run for his money.

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