Rant Sports 2012 Fantasy Football Mock Draft: Team 7 Analysis

By Jay Cullen
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This Sunday, some of the writers at Rant Sports had another Mock Draft. This time, it was an auction.

Here’s my team and a complete breakdown of my thinking:

Marshawn Lynch $49
Stevan Ridley $36
Maurice Jones-Drew $33
Victor Cruz $20
Wes Welker $18
Matt Ryan $16
Reggie Wayne $13
Danny Amendola $13
Ahmad Bradshaw $12
Mike Wallace $11
Jason Witten $10
Ryan Mathews $9
Chris Ivory $8
D/ST Patriots D/ST $1
K Matt Bryant $1
Marshawn Lynch $49

Lynch was a solid pick up for 49 dollars. A lot of top runningbacks went for less than expected, including Adrian Peterson for $58. As a result, I was not initially super excited about Lynch; looking back, I should have pushed harder to acquire Peterson or Ray Rice, but I was fine with this pick. Lynch is going to score a lot of TDs and the Seattle Seahawks are going to pound the ball.

Stevan Ridely

I love Ridley. New England Patriots was first in rushing touchdowns last year, and they should run even more this year. I will not go into too much depth here as I have already written about it here, but Ridley is going to be a big contributor in Fantasy this year.

Maurice Jones-Drew

MJD might have the biggest upside of any player in the draft. He could end up as a top-five back without surprising anyone, so I was very happy with this value. The one issue with him is that his health is unclear, so I drafted a few extra wide receivers to play flex if needed, but I am totally fine with that too. Wide receivers often have surprise years, so I will invest a little extra without issue.

Victor Cruz

I’ll admit I like Cruz because of my New York Giants bias, but with Hakeem Nick’s constant injuries Cruz has top-five potential. I have no worries about his current health because I have so many other wide receivers (by the time I got Cruz, I already had three solid ones).

Wes Welker 18$

Welker is a lock to at least be productive. I love any wide receiver that plays for Peyton Manning. Fantasy gurus have decided Demaryius Thomas is the one everyone wants, but I am not so sure. Thomas may score more fantasy points this year, but whoever got him had to pay around ten dollars more for him, and I think Welker might easily have a better season.

Matt Ryan

I’m going to wait on quarterback this year unless Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers falls to me. In this draft, they both went for high enough amounts that I passed. Matt Ryan came around for 16 dollars and I bit, but I would have been happy with Romo, Stafford, or Russell Wilson as well.

Reggie Wayne

Wayne, for 13 dollars, was my big steal. Wayne has No. 1 wide receiver potential and I got him for flex money. If this were a real league, I would look to trade Welker or Cruz after a few big games and run with Wayne for the season. Furthermore, Wayne is great because I can start him Week 1 if Cruz’s heel is not fully healed.

Danny Amendola

I did not need Amendola. But at 13 dollars, I felt he was too valuable to pass up. He is a player I could see having a huge season given that Brady has few other options. He is a player I would look to trade after a big Week 1 as I already have some great wide receivers. Wide outs are known to be very random from season to season, which makes it wise to have one too many in case someone has an off year or has their quarterback go down.

Ahmad Bradshaw

Bradshaw is a solid Fantasy backup. He is almost certain to be okay if another player goes down. He is exactly what you want if you have some a guy like MJD who could get injured. At 12$ he was well worth it.

Mike Wallace

I see Wallace a lot like the way I see Bradshaw, a good back-up. $11 might have been a little much, but for a guy this talented I was alright with my choice. If I had to do it over again I might have passed on Wallace and used the extra money to try and land Peterson or Rice instead of Lynch. At the time, I did not have Cruz yet. So it was hard to know I would be so solid at wide receiver.

Jason Witten

I usually like to wait all the way to the end on tight end (there is depth and guys like Vernon Davis and Kyle Rudolph are way overrated). But in this draft, I had more money left over than I wanted to and Witten was a great way to spend it. Witten should be solid, and I am happy with the pick, but going into drafts I will not be targeting him. Instead, I would grab Graham or a late round guy like Brandon Myers.

Ryan Mathews

I needed back up running backs and to me players with the starting role always have solid upside. The truth is he will probably sit on my bench for the whole year, but drafting him is worth it on the small chance he has a breakout season.

Chris Ivory

The argument for Ivory is almost exactly the same for Matthews. He seems to have the starting job, so he has value at $8.

Patriots D/ST

Fantasy defenses are hard to predict, so I almost always end up spending $1 or my last pick on it, then scouting the waiver wires for whomever the Oakland Raiders are playing. It is simply not worth it to worry about D/ST because there is always value on the waiver wire.

Matt Bryant

Studies have shown that kickers’ fantasy points are basically random from year to year. So I do not really care who my kicker is; Bryant is fine by me.


I made the classic mistake of auction drafts, not spending enough early. I salvaged my team by getting Wayne and Ridley for cheap and stock piling solid wide receivers. I spent all $250 I was given, which is always a good sign of a solid draft. I am not ecstatic about this team, but I am satisfied with it.

Jay Cullen is a writer for RantSports.com. Like him on Facebook at Jay Cullen-Rant Sports, or add him on Google.

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