Marques Colston is Undervalued in Standard Fantasy Football Drafts

By Jay Cullen
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Marques Colston has always been solid, but somehow that has not gotten him fantasy respect.

Players drafting in fantasy always want the sexy new player about to have a big year that no one will see coming. Colston certainly is not that, so he gets passed over like other “boring picks“. Colston has casually had over seven touchdowns and 1000 yards for four straight seasons. Four. This guy is money in the ban — somehow, that is unappealing to many.

Many argue that Colston is not drafted highly because he does not have much upside. That’s fair, but the truth is most players’ “high upside” is 1000 yards and seven touchdowns. Furthermore, who says he doesn’t have high upside? Colston has never been a top-five fantasy wide receiver, but his consistency suggests that it is not without possibility.

If Jimmy Graham got hurt and he caught 13 touchdowns, he could easily be top five. Both could happen. Not to mention, the New Orleans Saints may have a chip on their shoulders from a disappointing season last year. Drew Brees is the kind of quarterback who can throw for 5,000 yards in any given season, and Colston could be a major beneficiary of that.

The final concern is injury with Colston, who has been out this off season with mild plantar fasciitis. He has missed preseason games, which worries some, but the cure of plantar fasciitis is rest, so no one should be surprised or worried he missed games. This is an issue, but only a small one.

Colston, without a doubt, will be at least a top-15 wide receiver, and this is very good to have on a fantasy team, especially with one that has guys who might be great or be busts (Maurice Jones-Drew, Robert Griffin III, etc.) Colston may go in the fifth, and getting him there is awesome, but he is also a good pick in the fourth.

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