2013 Fantasy Baseball: Season By The Numbers

By Adam McGill
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The fantasy baseball season is just about over and this is the perfect time to start plowing through some of the numbers. Here is my complete statistical analysis for the 2013 fantasy baseball season.

Top 10 Preseason Average Draft Position (CBS):

1. 3B Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers – 1.57

2. OF Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels – 3.35

3. OF Ryan Braun, Milwaukee Brewers – 4.47

4. SP Justin Verlander, Detroit Tigers – 5.14

5. SP Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles Dodgers – 6.16

6. 2B Robinson Cano, New York Yankees – 8.10

7. 1B Albert Pujols, Los Angeles Angels – 8.24

8. 1B Joey Votto, Cincinnati Reds – 10.44

9. OF Matt Kemp, Los Angles Dodgers – 11.02

10. SP David Price, Tampa Bay Rays – 11.49


Top 5 Wins Above Replacement (Pitchers):

1. SP Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles Dodgers – 6.6

2. SP Chris Sale, Chicago White Sox – 6.2

3. SP Jhoulys Chacin, Colorado Rockies – 6.1

4. SP Max Scherzer, Detroit Tigers – 6.1

5. SP Jose Fernandez, Miami Marlins – 5.5


Top 5 Wins Above Replacement (Sticks):

1. OF Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels – 8.4

2. OF Andrew McCutchen, Pittsburgh Pirates – 7.2

3. 3B Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers – 6.8

4. 2B Robinson Cano, New York Yankees – 6.7

5. OF Carlos Gomez, Milwaukee Brewers – 6.7


Season By The Numbers:

174 – The total number of hits that 3B Adrian Beltre and 3B Manny Machado have racked up this season. Shockingly, 3B Miguel Cabrera is behind them with 173.

47-43 – The current Chris Davis: Miguel Cabrera HR Ratio.

111 – The number of times Joey Votto has been walked this year.

106 – Number of runs St. Louis CardinalsMatt Carpenter has scored.

52Jacoby Ellsbury’s MLB-leading stolen base total.

$42 Million – The total of the seven-year deal that Yasiel Puig signed to play for the Los Angeles Dodgers. The team probably made that much in jersey sales alone since the Cuban defector joined the team.

.355/.442 – Andrew McCutchen’s batting average/ On Base Percentage since the All-Star break.

31/106 – The first 30 HR/ 100 RBI season of 1B Paul Goldschmidt’s career.

4.50 – Mike Napoli’s league leading pitches per plate appearance.

240 – The number of strikeouts tallied by Yu Darvish this season.

209 – Is the total of the Max Scherzer, who has the second most K’s in the majors.

19-2 – Is Mr. Scherzer’s record this season.

10-12 – The disappointing record of SP Chris Sale, despite his outstanding 2.97 ERA and 1.06 WHIP.

1.89 – The current ERA of SP Clayton Kershaw.

212 – League leading number of hits surrendered by SP Joe Saunders.

3.48Bronson Arroyo’s pitches per at-bat.

80 – League-leading number of walks surrendered by Lucas Harrell of Houston Astros.

17-0 – The perfect record of Japanese hurler Masahiro Tanaka.

17 – Number of home runs hit by 1B Albert Pujols.

16 – The number of wild pitches that Trevor Cahill has thrown this season.

9 – Number on blown saves by Jim Johnson.

* – All stats as of September 5th.


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