Fantasy Football: Can the Real Philip Rivers Please Stand Up?

By Dom DeCarlo
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Halloween is closely approaching. That means that children everywhere will be buying costumes and getting ready to fool their neighbors with their new disguises. Some will be ghosts, some will be witches, and others will be vampires.

In San Diego, Halloween has already happened, especially with the San Diego Chargers. Someone in San Diego has been impersonating quarterback Philip Rivers for the past two games. This definitely is not the same Rivers that has been playing for the Chargers during the past two seasons.

The Philip Rivers that fantasy owners have known has been the Rivers that throws multiple interceptions and not as many touchdowns. He is the quarterback that you only took when your starter was on a bye week or if they got injured.

This season, it’s almost like we have been transported back in time. Instead of Marshall “Eminem” Mathers asking “Could the real Slim Shady please stand up,” it’s like the entire country is asking “Could the real Philip Rivers please stand up?” Rivers has definitely answered the call.

So far in this young 2013 fantasy football season, Rivers has shown the MVP-type play that he was showing before he disappeared. Rivers has 614 yards passing with seven touchdown passes. The stat that really shows you that Rivers is back is the interceptions. Rivers has only thrown one interception is this young season. This makes former Philip Rivers fantasy owners cringe and scream at their TVs and computer screens.

Now is the time to buy into the hype of Philip Rivers. This is a quarterback who knows how to put up big numbers. The best proof that this season is real is that he did it against one of the best defenses in the Houston Texans in Week 1. The real Philip Rivers has stood up and answered the call. If he could do it, then you can do it by adding him onto your team.

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