Fantasy Football: Larry Fitzgerald is Worth a Play in Week 2 Despite Hamstring Issue

By Jay Cullen

Larry Fitzgerald won’t be 100 percent, but he is still worth a start. Usually a certain starter, Fitzgerald has a hamstring injury that has him listed as questionable. Though he has said he is fine and will play, many are worried.

They have some reason to be as well. The Arizona Cardinals just promoted a wide receiver, Kerry Taylor, from the practice squad to the team. This suggests some concern on their part over whether Fitzgerald will actually play.

However, Fitzgerald has done well in practice and seems set to play. The real question is if this is a Roddy White situation. Last week, White played, but was severely held back and managed just one fantasy point. Most fantasy owners still started him thinking that he would be solid, even if injured.

However, to compare the two is unfair. White had a bad ankle sprain, not an injury that many can play well through. He also did not practice leading up to the game, which Fitzgerald has. Hamstring strains are easier to play with, so Fitzgerald should be a better option.

Truth be told, there are situations to bench him. If you are really good at fantasy and have lots of top wideouts, maybe Fitz should sit the bench one week. But, it’s more likely is that you will have to put in a subpar player instead of Fitzgerald. That simply isn’t worth it. Don’t expect Fitzgerald to do what he did last week, but don’t get cute and bench him either.

You can find the counter argument here.

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