2013 Fantasy Football: A Word On Losing

By Dustin Manko
Jeff Fisher & John Harbaugh
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As I sit down at my laptop to write this, the Sunday night game is in rain delay, and I look back at a terrible day for both of my fantasy football teams, and my favorite real life team. Mathematically there is a possibility that I squeak out a victory and split the weekend, but odds are that after going 2-0 in week one that I will be going 0-2 in week two. You know it’s a bad day when you are losing after your whole team played, and the other guy’s quarterback hasn’t even taken the field.

I played against Dez Bryant in both leagues. In one league, I started Drew Brees, who got outscored by Greg Olsen. I left almost 20 points on my bench in the form of Tavon Austin. Jared Cook had one catch for 10 yards. There were other busts today that I don’t need to go into detail about, and some I will in my weekly review of the Thurman Murmans, one of my teams.

As much as it stings, it’s ok.

It is really easy to get on twitter and bash your running back that had 36 yards against a projected 75 and a touchdown. It’s easy to say that the blogger you listened to is a moron. You don’t need many guts to call someone out behind a screen name with the protection of an internet connection and an avatar to hide behind.

Don’t. You may however, talk as much smack to your fantasy league brethren as you want. Just leave it in the league, don’t take it to the athletes.

NFL players are proud people. You don’t become a professional athlete by not being a proud, hard working, goal oriented person. These players sacrifice in ways most will never know. They don’t want to lose anymore than we do as fantasy owners. True that some of them don’t care about our fantasy teams, while some are very aware of how their good or bad real life games impact our fake football teams, our Sundays, possibly our whole week or weekends. Regardless, the overwhelming majority of these players give everything they have on every play of their career.

On that same note, as Adam Pfeifer said via Twitter, “When people ask me for advice, I am truly humbled. And when my picks don’t pan out for them, I honestly feel terrible.” We write for the love of the game, and because we want to help inform. We want you to succeed. Speaking personally, if my team loses, but I’ve given accurate predictions, I’ll take that each week over my team winning and giving bad tips.

To paraphrase from Tony Romo, if the worst thing that happened to you this weekend is that you lost your fantasy game, you’re going to be all right in life. Fantasy football is exactly that, a fantasy. A game. We play general manager, build our teams, watch the games, then go to work on Monday morning. We spend time with our families. We are active in our communities and our churches.

We go on.

Take a moment to realize, in case you might have forgotten, that you need an internet connection to play fantasy football. Almost 66 percent of the world doesn’t have an internet connection. You need money to go to a restaurant or to have a TV, cable and electricity to watch the games. According to the Washington Post, 1.2 billion people don’t have access to electricity. According to Worldbank.org more than 20 percent of the global population is below the poverty line.

So if you got blown out, like I did this weekend, don’t go on twitter or message boards and bash the player that cost your fantasy, or your real life favorite team the game. Don’t slump and mope around. Take your lumps, dust yourself off and figure out what you could have done better this week. Reevaluate, and get ready for next week.

After all, you got another game to get ready for. Consider yourself lucky you have the chance to play.

As always, I welcome your comments. If you think I’m wrong, I’m willing to listen. Just back it up with some facts and solid evidence. Thanks for reading and good luck this season.

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