Fantasy Football 2013: Don't Panic, It's Too Early to Jump Ship on Disappointing Marquee Players

By Jim Heath
Cam Newton Carolina Panthers
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Crisis as defined by our friends at Merriam-Webster is a difficult or dangerous situation that requires serious attention. Crisis can often times bring on an emotional reaction such as panic. Panic then is defined as acute, extreme anxiety causing one to rush into doing something.

Two weeks into the 2013 Fantasy Football season some of you feel your team has reached crisis mode causing you to panic and subsequently giving you the overwhelming urge to make a move you may regret down the stretch of this season.

Take a deep breath and repeat after me, “goosfraba, goosfraba.” Your season is not over – it’s just the second week – and the players you’re willing to give away to your buddies for bottom dollar are not yet lost causes.

Let’s collectively look through a list of names of disappointing players that will rebound this fantasy season.

Trent Richardson, Cleveland Browns: First of all, the Browns have played in two tough defensive match-ups. The Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens are solid run stoppers. Norv Turner is the prodigal in Cleveland, this we have heard. With that said, the Turner offense is a complex one that takes time to evolve. Finally, the Browns need to establish a passing game otherwise defenses are simply going to line up eight in the box to run stop Richardson. The passing game will receive a huge boost this week as Josh Gordon returns from his two game suspension. Don’t give up on Richardson just yet.

Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers: Newton has historically been a frustrating quarterback in the early parts of the fantasy season as we all remember well from last season. That said, he rebounds as the season progresses and should finish as a solid fantasy option. If you can grab a quarterback like Alex Smith, Andy Dalton or Sam Bradford off waivers as match-up options until Newton is more reliable, do so. But don’t jump ship on Newton just yet.

Eric Decker, Denver Broncos: Decker swapped his proverbial man card for a summer fling of reality television and matrimony to then fiancé, now wife, country singer Jessie James during the offseason. Since doing so through two weeks of football, fantasy owners had to be wondering if Decker could even catch a cold. With that said, Decker finished Sunday’s Manning Bowl with a good second half after again displaying his case of the drops early in the game. Despite his inability to hold on to the ball early, Decker continues to receive Peyton Manning’s attention and will get his weekly targets. This too shall pass Decker owners.

C.J. Spiller, Buffalo Bills: Spiller, in all honesty, has been the victim of two tough match-ups the first two weeks of the fantasy season. Although he did pass the century mark Sunday, he is in no way living up to the preseason hype that influenced you to use a top pick on him. That will change, be patient. If you find yourself in a league with a Spiller owner trying to pawn him off at value – do it, buy low.

Ray Rice, Baltimore Ravens: Rice is another running back that has faced two tough match-ups the first weeks of the fantasy season. Not only have the match-ups been tough, but Rice hasn’t received his traditional workload. For the Ravens to be competitive in 2013 they will have to establish the run and Rice is their guy. If his injury isn’t too serious – early indications say it isn’t – Rice will be okay as the season progresses.

Alfred Morris, Washington Redskins: Let’s be honest, Morris’ success or failure hinges on game plan changes by the Redskins brain trusts. Robert Griffin III is not a traditional drop back pocket passer; he needs to be mobile in order to take advantage of his entire tool kit of skill sets. For Morris to find success equal to last year, RGIII must return to his form as well. The problem with Morris at this juncture of the season is you won’t get nearly close to the value you invested in him if you try attempt to trade him.

My favorite quote in trying and difficult times is “stay the course.” Stay the course, my friends; it’s still too premature for “crisis” and “panic.”


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