Fantasy Football 2013: Should Owners Sell-High On Michael Vick?

By Adam Pfeifer

I absolutely love playing video games.

When I was in high school, I am not ashamed to admit that I would come home, rapidly rush through my homework and become glued to the television screen. I would play hours on hours, and sooner or later, my console would often wear down and eventually break. I knew that I shouldn’t have played so much, but I just couldn’t help myself.

That is exactly how I feel about owning Michael Vick in fantasy football.

Through the first two weeks, the Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles offense has been the talk of the fantasy town. In their first contest, the Eagles ran more plays at half time (53) than a few teams ran in their entire Week 1 games. Interestingly enough, head coach Chip Kelly stated that he wants his offense to be even faster, which could be good or bad news for Vick, depending on how you look at it. Through two weeks, Vick has been one of the top fantasy signal callers, sporting a 119.0 passer rating, 631 passing yards, four touchdowns and 77 rushing yards for two scores. He’s been extremely productive, and is proving that he is the most logical fit for the style of offense that Kelly wants to run. Of course, that’s the good, and while we haven’t necessarily seen the bad yet, we have seen the scary. During Monday night’s win, Vick was seen limping a few different times, and on Sunday, he took a few vicious shots, one of which caused him to head to the sideline for a play. It’s always been the concern with Vick. If he could consistently stay on the field, there is no denying the fact that he could finish as a top-three fantasy signal caller. However, seeing as he’s only played a full 16 games once, and always seems to be banged up, that is a bit unlikely. So, that poses the question.

If you own Vick, should you sell him now while you still can?

For me, this is such a difficult question because I am a very big fan of Vick’s. I love watching him play, especially in this offense, and despite getting up there in age, I still believe he has all the tools to be a top quarterback in this league. The mobility has always been there, but people tend to overlook the fact that Vick has one of the strongest arms in football. However, there is obviously some major risk in investing too much in him. If he is your backup signal caller and you spent a ninth or tenth round pick on him, there is absolutely no risk whatsoever. But if you become infatuated with his recent play and trade your original starter, you may be doing it wrong. Sure, Vick has the upside of a top-five fantasy quarterback, but the volume of plays the Eagles offense is going to run could eventually wear not only Vick down, but his weapons at well. Hence the video game reference. It’s like when you first get a new toy. You overplay it like crazy, and eventually, you wear out it’s greatness. I pray that doesn’t happen to Vick and the Eagles, but it’s a very strong possibility, and when it comes to fantasy, you may need to look to improve your team before it’s too late. Through their first two games, the Eagles have run a whopping 135 offensive plays, and if Vick couldn’t stay healthy in year’s past when the offense wasn’t nearly as fast, it’s hard to imagine he’ll do so this year. I truly hope I’m wrong, but instead of risking it, I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to selling high on him, and maybe even some of the other Eagles, but again, I love them.

Again, if Vick is your number two quarterback, I would have a hard time trading him. You won’t find a better, more explosive QB2 in fantasy football. And if you have a rock solid guy like Matt Ryan or someone ahead of him, you’re in great shape. However, if Vick is your starting signal caller, it’ll be very, very fun at times, but you’ll always have to take a deep breath when you see him get up slowly after taking a hit.

Adam Pfeifer is a featured fantasy sports columnist for Rant Sports.

You can follow him on Twitter @aPfeiferRS.

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