After Trent Richardson Trade, It's Time to Pick Up Willis McGahee

By Jay Cullen

The Cleveland Browns just lost their star running back — though, on purpose. Their replacement will likely be Willis McGahee, who has been out of a job since the Denver Broncos cut him in the offseason. McGahee is not a game changer. Really, he is a flex play or maybe a RB2 at best, but he is definitely worth picking up. It is unlikely that any other player on the waiver wire will return the value McGahee should.

Another candidate for playing time is Chris Ogbonnaya, who has gotten some sporadic carries. The final candidate is Bobby Rainy. Adding one of the two may also provide value, but by adding a veteran in McGahee, the Browns seem to suggest that he will get a lot of work. If they had faith in their other options, they likely would have added a young, recently cut player so that they could pay them less. For now, it is impossible to know who will lead the team in carries, so in a week or two, one of these guys could have value, but for now it is McGahee — of course, assuming he does sign after his physical.

Again, McGahee will not be a game changer. He has missed the preseason and should take a while to get in football shape. Furthermore, he is unlikely to score many touchdowns with an offense that just benched its quarterback and traded its starting running back. What he will be able to do is get a lot of carries. Many teams have backfields-by-committee and will not run the ball as much, so players that can get consistent carries like McGahee may are rare. Swoop him up while you can.

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