Sell High on Micheal Vick In Fantasy Football While You Still Can

By Tristen Challe
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So, you decided to take a gamble and go all-in on Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick in this year’s fantasy football draft now, did you?

Well, you’re all smiles now as Vick has dominated through two weeks of the fantasy football season. With Vick playing at an extremely high level, it’s now or never on getting the best trade value out of him. Sell high on Vick today, or hope he has another solid outing Thursday night against the Kansas City Chiefs and continue to shop him around after Week 3?

Most likely, you drafted Vick before the NFL season for your fantasy team somewhere around round eight — a middle-round pick in which you were hoping would pay great dividends to your team.

So far through two weeks, Vick has far outperformed his ADP as he is currently sitting in the third overall position in total fantasy points scored, behind Aaron Rodgers by only one point and Peyton Manning, who had a monstrous Week 1, by only eight points.

The new offensive style of play installed by Chip Kelly shot out of the gate with a bang in Week 1, and had NFL fans around the nation buzzing about the team. After a solid win in that first week, the Eagles went on to lose to the San Diego Chargers in Week 2. While I know Vick is not completely at fault for the loss and the defense does need to step up their game, it may be a hint at the Eagles not performing as well as they had during Week 1.

When the team struggles, so does Vick. When the fans are getting agitated, Vick also struggles. As a high-risk, high-reward fantasy quarterback, you may have seen the best of Vick and should trade him for a more consistent, high-scoring fantasy player.

The biggest knock on Vick is that his struggles with injuries in the past. The offensive line in front of Vick is not near the best in the NFL, and Vick hits the turf hard and often after a defender breaks through the pass block.

When was the last time Vick started all 16 games in an NFL season? You would have to go all the way back to his time on the Atlanta Falcons in 2006. While you’re hoping this is the year Vick has his lucky rabbit’s foot in his pocket and avoids injury, the chances of him sitting out at least one game this season are much greater.

It’s without a doubt extremely tough for a fantasy owner to trade away one of the top fantasy performers this early in the season, but now it may be your best chance. There are more than likely teams within your league that are heavy at the running back and/or wide receiver position. Those are the teams to look to first. With what Vick has shown this season so far, there is trade possibility of gaining two solid performers at either position.

The option is even there for you to aim toward trading for tight end Jimmy Graham, which is not a bad option since there are so few tight ends in the league of his caliber. The trade options on Vick are vast, and with what he has shown fantasy players so far, you could be the kid in a candy store picking out some of your favorite flavors.

The quarterback position for fantasy football this year is so deep that a number of quarterbacks could easily fill your starting role, getting your team solid points. Adding other productive players to your roster in positions that aren’t quite as deep will help you reach the championship game more so than an injury-prone, inconsistent quarterback like Vick.

Sell high while you can on Vick, and see your team improve on an all-around level.

Tristen Challe is a Fantasy Writer for Rantsports. Follow him on Twitter @TristenChalle or on Google

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