Fantasy Football: Time to Drop David Wilson?


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The New York Giants turned in one of the ugliest offensive performances in recent memory in yesterday’s 38-0 loss to the Carolina Panthers. As a team, they gained just 150 yards of offense and averaged a microscopic 3.0 yards per play. While Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks and even Eli Manning should be fine in the long run from a fantasy perspective, the concerns about David Wilson are getting more and more serious.

Through three games, Wilson has carried 25 times for 75 yards while losing two fumbles. To top it off, he has not scored or caught a pass. Those numbers would be extremely disappointing from a third round pick for one game, let alone the total of three. Wilson has not produced anything useful for owners yet, and he appears to be in Tom Coughlin’s doghouse yet again.

All this begs the question: is it time to drop David Wilson? Obviously, owners would love to trade him, but there is very little chance of finding anyone interested in giving up a player that’s producing anything for Wilson. Wilson’s saving grace thus far has been that his backups, Da’Rel Scott and Brandon Jacobs, have been equally ineffective, but one has to wonder in Coughlin will start giving one of them the majority of the carries.

To makes things worse, the Giants travel to face the Kansas City Chiefs this week, who have a very good defense. Even if he does get the majority of the carries, it is hard to imagine a scenario in which Wilson improves dramatically. This week may be his last chance, and it is not a favorable matchup at all.

For Wilson owners, there is really no reason not to drop him. As unfortunate as it is to have a high draft pick turn out to be a bust, there is little reason to believe that his performance is going to improve. In shallow leagues, Wilson is absolutely droppable. In deeper leagues that decision becomes more difficult, but if there is a player such as Jacquizz Rodgers, Bilal Powell or Jonathan Franklin available, dropping Wilson is a logical decision.

Right now, there is no reason to believe that Wilson will turn it around, and that means there is no reason to have him on your fantasy team.

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  • John

    Dude, you’re an idiot. His performance yesterday versus a very formidable D was actually pretty impressive when you consider he had over 30 yards and a TD negated on penalties. While it doesn’t show up on the stat sheet, it certainly shows up on the game tape when the staff goes back and reviews this weeks embarrassing performance, in fact Wilson could be viewed as one of the few bright spots. To recommend dropping him for Rodgers, Powell or Franklin is beyond idiotic. Get your head out of your ass.

  • Aaron Wright

    I agree with John you don’t drop your third round pick after three games it is a long season and I believe his work load will only increase, what is Jonathan Franklin going to do behind Starks in Lacey also what the heck is Rogers going to do when Steven Jackson comes back you should quit writing about sports, I hope nobody dropped David Wilson because you’re ignorant article

  • ff

    What a joke of an article. Drop David Wilson LOL. The entire Giants offense is a mess, their O-Line is a joke right now. The fact that Wilson got that many yards is impressive, anyone who watched the game would know that. Wilsons upside is still good and they have a good schedule after their bye week. He got the majority of the snaps Sunday, how does this put him in Coughlin’s doghouse? You really have no clue what you’re spewing. Idiot.