Fantasy Football Waiver Wire: San Diego Chargers' Nick Novak

By ericbeuning
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Week 4 of the NFL season brings to us the first set of bye weeks. This inevitably means that someone out there is going to be looking for a backup kicker than I can slide into the lineup and squeeze out more than zero points from one position. Now if you’re one of those guys who has slightly less respect for a kicker than the you do chewing gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe, then you are probably just going to grab whatever kicker is available with the highest stat line.

It’s a sound enough strategy and it’s probably the safest way to keep from getting a goose egg at that position. What if you miss out on that top dog kicker in the waiver order, who should you target next?

My advice this week would be to grab the San Diego Chargers kicker Nick Novak. So far this season, he has attempted nine field goals, connecting on eight of them. He’s also managed to chip in 12 extra points in that same time.

The Chargers are an offense with a talented gutsy quarterback in Phillip Rivers who is throwing to a mixed bag of talent, which can admittedly be inconsistent. Add to this the fact that the offensive line sometimes vanishes like Casper the friendly ghost and some drives that start hot fizzle. While other drives lead to long scores and easy extra points.

In Week 5, the Chargers face the Oakland Raiders who boast a middle of the road defense against both the run and pass. All of these things lead to Nick Novak having a lot of opportunities to contribute to your fantasy stat line.

Novak went undrafted in a lot of leagues and stayed under the radar due to the four lone touchdowns the Chargers scored in Week 1. He is the kind of Kicker that will make an excellent replacement if your kicker is on a bye this week or he might just be your new starter.

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