Peyton Manning May Have the Greatest Fantasy Football Season Ever

By Dom DeCarlo
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In August before and during many peoples’ fantasy football drafts, there were plenty of managers who chuckled or laughed at the people that took Peyton Manning early in their draft.

I know when I drafted him in my fantasy football league in the third round, I had my share of doubters. Those managers went the younger route with Matt Ryan, Colin Kaepernick or Robert Griffin III. Others went with very valuable fantasy players like Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers because these guys are “can’t miss” picks.

I have to agree with that, but for all of those managers, I have something to say to you: thank you!

If you drafted Peyton Manning in your fantasy draft, you are loving it every time he throws multiple touchdowns in a game. You also know that he clearly is the best fantasy player this season so far and could very easily hold onto that title for the rest of the year.

If numbers can forecast a season, look out, NFL and all teams that do not own Manning. His stats are mind-blowing. Manning has already thrown for 1,470 yards with 16 touchdowns. He has 16 touchdowns and the season is only four weeks old. The numbers are really simple — if Manning continues this pace for the rest of the season, he will throw (in a 15-week fantasy season) for 60 touchdown passes.

Think that may help your fantasy league? If that is not enough for you, look at the yards. We will round his yards up to a nice number, 1,500 yards. This means that Manning averages around 375 yards per game. If you take 375 and figure it out by 15 games, then he will have around 5,625 yards by the end of the season.

These numbers will spell huge fantasy weeks for your team and will make every fantasy owner in your league envious.

The big question is: is Manning having the best fantasy football season ever? This isn’t just for a quarterback, but for any player. The answer is yes. In standard ESPN leagues, Manning already has 119 points through Week Four. According to ESPN, this is more than any other player since 1960.

Manning will break records this season. Heck, Manning may even take his team to that land that only the 1972 Miami Dolphins went, and we know where that is (we won’t talk about that). For all of you who drafted Manning, you can tell all of your competitors that “the sheriff is back in town” and he is not messing around.

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