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2013 Fantasy Football: 5 Players You Need to Trade Quickly

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Fantasy Football: 5 Players You Need to Trade Quickly

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It is Week 5 of the fantasy football season and many managers are trying to establish their needs in their respective lineups. Owners already know if they are in need of more running back depth, or if their quarterback situation is just not working out.

Going into draft day, owners all over had particular players in mind that they wanted to draft. Some of these players were people who have done well for their fantasy teams in the past. Others are players who experts and sports casters alike all labeled as people that we must draft.

Well, it is Week 5 and many of those hunches and “must drafts” have so far, worked out very nice for many of you. Others have not been so beneficial to many a fantasy football managers.

There are many players who could be named in this section of players you need to trade. However, five specific players come to mind for me. These players have all, at one point of another, been excellent fantasy football options as well as top draft picks in their fantasy football positions. All of these players probably have a soft spot in many owners’ hearts and it would be tough to trade them away. Many are players that owners just want to wash their hands of altogether.

Look to trade these players as quickly as possible and try to get the best deal you can and save your team and your season while you still can.

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Mike Wallace

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It was a WWE wrestler named ”The Million Dollar Man,” Ted DiBiase, who had the entrance song that went “Money, money, money, money, money!” This song should be played when Miami Dolphins’ wide receiver Mike Wallace comes onto the field. Wallace, a Pro-Bowl player for the Pittsburgh Steelers, decided to sign with the Dolphins for more money during the offseason. Fantasy owners felt that Wallace would still be a No. 1 guy in Miami. This has definitely not worked out the way the Dolphins, Wallace or fantasy owners would have liked. If you are an owner of Wallace, it is very likely that you have already put him on your team's bench. This is due to the 176 yards and just one touchdown he has pulled in over the first four weeks of the season. I think, before he shows another week of average-ness, you need to trade him for depth or a position that you greatly need.

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Chris Johnson

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What does Kendall Hunter, Danny Woodhead and Willis McGahee all have in common? They all have more rushing touchdowns on less handoffs than stud running back Chris Johnson. For five-straight seasons, Johnson has been the work horse for the Tennessee Titans’ offense and has been a top-five running back every fantasy season he has been in the league. This year, Johnson has shown no glimmer of his former self. Johnson has scored zero touchdowns and only rushed for 277 yards. This is unacceptable, especially coming from a guy who called out Adrian Peterson saying that he was better than him. If you own Johnson, try and get at least a flex-play option for him. Many people will buy low on Johnson and if you can sell him low, you probably will be better off rather than keeping him on the bench or hurting your starting lineup.

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Hakeem Nicks

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The New York Giants have been known as a high-flying passing offense over the past few seasons. With a quarterback like Eli Manning, it is not hard to understand why that is, however, things have changed this season. The Giants’ offensive line has hurt the team severely. This has caused David Wilson to get off to a slow start as well as causing Manning to throw pick after pick. Hakeem Nicks has been one of those players who is also suffering. In Week 1, Nicks had a very good game, however, since then, he has not got the yardage owners want or the touchdowns. Nicks could still have some trade value, especially if the Giants could win against the Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday. Try to get some value for Nicks, especially while he is still healthy.

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Eric Decker

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When you think of the Denver Broncos this season, you automatically think of a high-flying offense that puts up tons of points on every team they face. If you are an owner of many of their offensive weapons, then you are loving your fantasy football life right now. Eric Decker may be one of the exceptions. It’s not like Decker is having a terrible season. His start to this season is better than it was under Tim Tebow. However, there is a huge wall in front of Decker’s ultimate value and that is Wes Welker. With the addition of Welker, Manning has falling in love with the new target, looking for him all of the time. Being that Decker plays for the Broncos, you may be able to get a pretty good return for him. The name will sell this guy. Just do it quickly before he breaks your heart again.

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Stevan Ridley

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Probably the most disappointing player on this list is New England Patriots running back Stevan Ridley. This was a running back that was drafted in the second round of many drafts. Many experts believed that he would be he would have a huge fantasy season. This has not been the case so far in this young season. The Patriots look like they have a running back committee going on, which is bad news for any Ridley owner. Also, it does not look like Ridley will play in Week 5. If you can, sell him while his name is still high. With Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola coming back from injuries, I think Ridley’s value will continue to drop. Sell now!