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Fantasy Football Week 5: 5 Players to Keep Out of Your Lineup

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Fantasy Football Week 5: 5 Players to Keep Out of Your Lineup

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After so much time spent waiting for the season to arrive, it’s hard to believe we’re already a quarter of the way through it. The first month was nothing if not exciting, after finally getting answers to so many of the questions we spent the offseason wondering about.

Now we’re deep in the trenches at war with our friends on a weekly basis. Monday nights come to a close and with them comes either the euphoria from victory or the agony of defeat. There’s no time to dwell, though, for we launch back into battle just a few short days later.

At this point in the season, there are already a number of teams facing must-win situations in both real and virtual football. Fantasyland is growing frantic as the waiver-wire thins out, leaving us with nothing but the bed we made for ourselves and must now sleep in. Trades are always possible but it takes two, and what if you can’t find a dance partner? You’re forced to roll with what you’ve got.

The window for mistakes is now closed and we’re at the point where each lineup decision carries greater consequences. Make the right call and you keep yourself in contention, make the wrong call and you can sadly start planning for next year. Obviously, nobody wants to be in the latter group by the end of this week. With that in mind and in the spirit of getting you a big W this week, here are five players you definitely want to avoid having in your lineup if you can:

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5. Justin Blackmon

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Justin Blackmon finally makes his season debut after serving his four-game suspension. He’s supposedly in phenomenal shape and looked great in practice, but he’s still too risky to plug this week -- not because he’s not game-ready, but rather because he’s at the mercy of a quarterback seemingly determined on being the worst player on the field every time he steps out there.

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4. David Wilson

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After standing in the corner for a sufficient amount of time, David Wilson has been semi-forgiven by Tom Coughlin for his fumbling issues and allowed to participate with the rest of the class once again. The coaching staff want to give him a bigger role and that’s great news, but I’d like to actually see it first before putting trust in him. Also, his team could very well be playing from behind again this week.

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3. LeGarrette Blount

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With Stevan Ridley injured, LeGarrette Blount will carry the mail this week and has thus become a popular bye-week filler. Unfortunately for him, he’s going up against one of the best D-lines in all of football. Don’t bite that bullet; you can do better.

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2. Colin Kaepernick

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Colin Kaepernick has been one of the bigger busts of the season so far. He might break out at some point, but it won’t be this week. He’s going up against J.J. Watt’s crew and they’re no. 1 in the league against the pass. Dual-threat or not, they aren’t giving up many fantasy points to quarterbacks. Just ask Russell Wilson

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1. Roddy White

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It’s been sad watching Roddy White play this season, knowing that he shouldn’t. He’s given his ankle no time to heal, instead allowing himself to be used as nothing more than a decoy each week. His playing time may have increased last Sunday, but it cost him another setback with his injury. He has no business in any lineup until he’s healthy and shows it.