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Top 10 Fantasy Quarterbacks for Week 6 Based on Matchups

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Top 10 Fantasy Quarterbacks for Week 6 Based on Matchups

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Struggling to figure out who to start at quarterback this week? Don’t worry, I've got you covered. The good news is many Fantasy Football owners will be delighted with the production from their quarterback in Week 6 considering all of the favorable matchups. With that being said, it is still good to see if one player will have a better outcome than another, especially if an owner is lucky enough to have two signal callers who have the potential to put up solid fantasy points.

Obviously, anyone who owns Peyton Manning is in good shape. It does not matter which NFL defense Manning faces because he is going to pick them apart anyway. However, owners who start Manning this week will have a really big game considering the Denver Broncos will be taking on the Jacksonville Jaguars in a contest in which they will be favored by a record 28 points.

There are other quarterbacks that have done well this season as far as putting up great fantasy points, while others come and go. That is why this list is a great fantasy tool because it ranks the top 10 quarterbacks based on matchups. Drew Brees is guaranteed to have a good game, but there could be a better choice considering he will be playing a talented New England Patriots defense.

Make sure to click through the slideshow to see where your quarterback ranks. If he is not on this list, there is a good chance there is someone better available on waivers.

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10. Geno Smith

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Want to be a fantasy genius? Pick up the very available Geno Smith and start him in Week 6. The rookie dissected the Atlanta Falcons on Monday Night Football, and there is no question he will do the same against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. I am not guaranteeing 21 fantasy points like he had against the Falcons. However, the Steelers have allowed an incredible 27.5 points per game. Not to mention, they have yet to record a single interception this season.

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9. Cam Newton

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I know what you’re thinking: Cam Newton is one of the most inconsistent quarterbacks in the NFL. With that being said, he is going up against a horrendous Minnesota Vikings defense that has allowed 326 passing yards and 30.8 points per game this season. As long as Newton plays smart, which has proven to be difficult for the signal caller, he should make fantasy owners very happy.

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8. Philip Rivers

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What the heck is Philip Rivers and his 106 total fantasy points doing at No. 8, you ask? The defense for the Indianapolis Colts has been devastating this year. Even though Rivers is still expected to put up plenty of fantasy points on Sunday, I just have a feeling he could run into some trouble. The Colts have held opponents to 201.4 yards through the air and 15.8 points per game. Did I mention they have also recorded seven interceptions, which ranks third in the NFL?

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7. Drew Brees

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Brees has found himself in a similar boat as Rivers. There is no question he will put up a substantial amount of fantasy points against the Patriots. However, it will not be anything that will impress owners. New England has allowed the second-fewest points per game (14) this season and quarterbacks have only reached the end zone four times.

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6. Andrew Luck

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Andrew Luck has been a very consistent fantasy quarterback this year, which is why he is always a safe bet. Since he will be going up against a Chargers defense that has allowed quarterbacks to toss 1,444 yards through the air and 10 touchdowns, he is more than just a safe bet in Week 6. Terrelle Pryor dropped 19 fantasy points on San Diego last week, which means expect Luck to put up over 20 fantasy points for the second time this season.

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5. Aaron Rodgers

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Aaron Rodgers has been inconsistent this season, which has disappointed a lot of fantasy owners. The good news that is everyone knows he has the ability to go off on defenses. The fact that Rodgers has not performed up to his own personal standard this season certainly could come into play on Sunday. Even though the Baltimore Ravens have a solid defense, I still expect Rodgers to come through and put up more than 20 fantasy points.

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4. Jay Cutler

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Jay Cutler impressed last week as he recorded a season-high 22 fantasy points. Owners who start Cutler on Sunday should expect a new season-high as he will be taking on the lowly New York Giants. Brandon Marshall was disappointed with his production in the team’s loss, which means Cutler will target him often. The Giants have given up a NFL-high 36.4 points per game. They also have allowed 12 passing touchdowns and 269.2 passing yards per contest.

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3. Robert Griffin III

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Could Sunday night finally be the game in which Robert Griffin III finally rewards fantasy owners for drafting him? Yes indeed. Expect big-time numbers from Griffin as he takes on the Dallas Cowboys. That’s right, the same Cowboys that allowed Manning to toss over 400 passing yards and four touchdowns. I know that comparing Griffin to Manning is ludicrous, but not when facing the Cowboys. Dallas has allowed a whopping 326.4 passing yards and 27.2 points per game. Not to mention, no defense has surrendered more touchdowns (14) through the air than the Cowboys.

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2. Tony Romo

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Tony Romo put up ridiculous numbers against the Broncos. The signal-caller put up an incredible 506 passing yards and five touchdowns. Granted, it was against the worst pass defense in the NFL. However, his 107 total fantasy points are no joke. Romo will be going up against a Redskins defense that has allowed nine passing touchdowns, 298.2 yards through the air and 28 points per game. The fact that the numbers closely resemble Denver’s statistics means owners should expect another big game from the signal-caller.

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1. Peyton Manning

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Do not be surprised if Manning puts up the most points in the history of Fantasy Football in Week 6. The matchup against the Jaguars is one that could get out of hand quickly. I have to imagine the only way the Broncos are stopped is if they prevent themselves from scoring.