2013 Fantasy Basketball Bust: SG Ray Allen

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It is surprisingly that once again fantasy basketball fans are still putting their faith in SG Ray Allen of the Miami Heat.

However, due to Allen’s average draft position right now, that seems to be the case this season. He is currently being drafted as the 17th ranked shooting guard in standard ESPN leagues, which is absolutely absurd considering his recent performance. He is being grabbed ahead of reliable fantasy options like Kevin Martin, Gerald Henderson, Dion Waiters, and even Manu Ginobili.

This is not the Ray Allen from 2002, though. This is the guy that averaged an embarrassing 10.9 points per game last season. The 10-time NBA All-Star also only played 25.8 minutes per game last season and spent the majority of each game watching from the bench. The 38-year-old is simply a role player at this point in his career and doesn’t offer much for fantasy fans to get excited about.

He may hit one or two three-pointers per game, but Allen doesn’t do much else besides that. He averaged just 2.7 rebounds and 1.7 assists per game last season, so if he didn’t knock down a couple threes, he had a completely worthless outing.

Don’t be fooled by name recognition, because Allen shouldn’t be drafted within the first 15 rounds in any format. There will be better options on the wavier wire, so avoid Allen at all costs this year.


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  • Jim Ehmann

    Hey Adam – I agree that Ray Allen should not be drafted in fantasy NBA leagues. However, you article is full of amazing stupidity. In the same sentence in which you note that Allen played 25.8 minutes per game, you said he “spent the majority of each game watching from the bench”. Please retake 4th grade math, and learn some rudimentary facts about NBA basketball too. You see, NBA games last 48 minutes. 25.8 minutes is in fact the “majority” of an NBA game. Allen spent the majority of his time on the court, not on the bench.

    And please explain how Dion Waiters, who has played 61 NBA games in his life – 3/4 of one season -, is a “reliable fantasy option”. Apparently you have no idea what the word “reliable” means. Should I even mention how Allen’s 2013 rebounding & assist stats, which you ridicule, are practically identical to Waiters’ numbers?

    • AdamMcGill

      Thanks for commenting professor. However, when I said “spent the majority of each game” it wasn’t literal and was to only emphasize the number of time that Allen actually did spend on the bench. Which was a staggering 47% of each game.