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Fantasy Football: 7 Players You Already Regret Not Drafting

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Fantasy Football: 7 Players You Already Regret Not Drafting

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If you are a seasoned fantasy football manager, you tend to really like how your fantasy football draft went after it was completed. You think to yourself, “Ya, I got a lot of the players I wanted. Maybe a few players may have slipped by me, but I love the team that I picked!”

Let’s fast forward to Week 6 of the fantasy football season. You look at your team and you say either, “Wow I was right! My team is awesome! Go me!” On the other hand, many fantasy managers look at their team, pull out a tissue, cry and say, “Wow, did I pick a terrible squad this year!” Then you start sending the other league managers trade proposals that look worse than cottage cheese on a hot summers’ day.

No matter how your team looks, at this point, you are looking to pick up players from your league's’ free agent list to try to better your squad. Then, it finally hits you. It’s like the wind on a cold winter’s night. You think of all of the players you passed up on while you were drafting your team in August. You think back on every position and how your drafted players like Ryan Matthews, Steven Jackson, or Maurice-Jones Drew.

If we could all take a mulligan on some of the players, we would do so in a heartbeat. I guess that’s why they say that hindsight is 20/20.

Here is a list of seven players that you wish you drafted in your fantasy football draft not even one month ago. Get the tissues, put the children (if you have them) to bed and fix yourself a drink, because this list could be painful to the eyes of all the managers that passed them up. If you own these players, look back and pat yourself on the shoulder, because you deserve it.

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7. Jordan Cameron

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If you selected Jimmy Graham in your fantasy football draft, you are probably the only owner that this pick does not bother. For the managers who drafted Rob Gronkowski (so far) and Greg Olsen, this has to hurt. Jordan Cameron has become the next best thing in regards to fantasy football tight ends. This guy could have easily been drafted in the 14th rounds and up in most fantasy leagues. Heck, this guy was still around in many leagues during Week 1. Since the start of the season, Jordan Cameron has a total of 396 yards receiving and five touchdowns. You would have to take the total of both Gronkowski and Olsen’s touchdowns, multiply them by five to get the total amount of touchdowns that Cameron has this season. Playing for the Cleveland Browns is actually helping Cameron more than hurting him. Under new offensive coordinator Norv Turner, the team is really focusing on getting Cameron the ball, just like Turner did when he had Antonio Gates. Also, since the Browns have no running game at all, look for Cameron’s numbers to only go up the rest of the way.

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6. Philip Rivers

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The typical Rocky Balboa feel good store of the fantasy season has to be Philip Rivers. Rivers was left for dead in the fantasy football world with two seasons that were terrible. Before those seasons, Rivers was a name to be considered for the NFL and fantasy MVP. Was it the changing of head coaches? Was it something he did during the offseason? Who knows. If you were someone in a two-quarterback league or just someone who drafted Rivers to play one week during the season, congratulations. More than likely, you are someone like me who thought he was down and out. Rivers could have been taken anywhere from the 14th round and on in almost all fantasy drafts. Bet you regret taking Sam Bradford late in the draft instead of Rivers, am I right?

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5. Peyton Manning

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Before the season and in all of the fantasy football preview books, there was one debate no one could avoid: to draft a pocket passer or multi-threat quarterback. Many people felt that it would be in your best interest to draft a star running back like Alfred Morris or C.J. Spiller than to draft an old pocket passer like Peyton Manning. Wow, were those guys wrong. Peyton Manning is having one of the greatest fantasy football seasons ever -- not bad for a 37 year old with neck problems. And if you are one of those fantasy managers that took Morris or Spiller before Manning, you cry every time you see your player not putting up the numbers that this future Hall-of-Famer is right now.

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4. Fred Jackson

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Handcuff, really? That is what everyone said that Fred Jackson would be this season in fantasy football: a handcuff for C.J. Spiller owners. Some fantasy owners thought that Jackson would be an “okay” flex play here and there but nothing significant. Unless you have been under a rock the last few weeks, you have seen that Jackson is back. He is not getting the numbers that he was when he was a starter, but he is getting just as much work and fantasy points that Spiller is getting for his owners. And you thought that he would just be someone who sat on your bench all season long. For the people that took Jackson in the 12th rounds or higher, congratulations. For those of you who selected Spiller in the first round, I am sorry.

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3. Wes Welker

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Who says the grass is not greener on the other side? If they said that, they are right because for Wes Welker the grass is orange and blue. Since joining the Denver Broncos this past offseason, Welker has become Peyton Manning’s security blanket, just like he was for Tom Brady. For all of the people who said there are too many mouths to feed in Denver, they surely never expected the Broncos to have a season like this! Sure, Welker is not getting the yards he is used to, but he has seven touchdowns on the season so far and his totals will only go up. For all of you who selected Rob Gronkowski, Maurice-Jones Drew, or Colin Kaepernick before him, you are in need of a hug right now.

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2. Tony Romo

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In this fantasy football season’s draft, the quarterback position was filled with players who were running or duel threat quarterbacks. Players like Robert Griffin III and Colin Kaepernick were the talk of the fantasy world. If you were going to select a pocket-passer, chances are that you wanted to take a Drew Brees or a Matt Ryan because their teams throw the football often and with success. Many people kept Tony Romo out of their fantasy football team’s picture. These people are now regretting that decision. After an historical matchup with Peyton Manning, Tony Romo owners are extremely happy they decided to draft him. Most owners selected him between the 8-11th rounds. Think about that next time, especially if you passed him up and got beat down by his performance this past weekend.

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1. Giovani Bernard

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Going into a fantasy football draft, people tend to stay away from various players for many reasons. Some fantasy managers try to stay away from players who are always injured ie. Darren McFadden. Managers also try to stay away from running back-by-committee backfields. This was the case in many drafts with Giovani Bernard. Bernard, being a rookie and behind veteran running back Benjarvus Green-Ellis, made it tough for many managers to want to draft him. Many managers took a chance on him from about rounds 7-12. If you are one of the people that passed him up and are having running back issues right now, I’m sorry about your luck. Bernard is slowly taking the starting job away from Green-Ellis and looks to be a force at running back. This one, like the other decisions, has to stink!