Fantasy Football: It’s Time to Drop Houston Texans’ Defense

By Dom DeCarlo
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What a difference a season makes! Last season, the Houston Texans had one of the best defenses in the NFL and, of course, in Fantasy Football. The Texans forced turnovers and plenty of sacks, mostly provided by defensive star J.J. Watt.

Let’s fast forward to the present day. Are we really watching the Texans’ defense? In case you have missed it (if you own or owned their team defense you haven’t), over the last four weeks, the Texans’ defense has let up 30, 20, 34 and 34 points by the opposition. This is not what a fantasy manager wants to see from a team defense that they drafted relatively high in the draft (high for a defense).

The biggest question regarding this issue is whether or not it’s time to drop this team defense. The answer to that is YES!

This week against the very shaky St. Louis Rams, the Texans surrendered 34 points and scored only two points for their fantasy managers in standard Yahoo leagues. You just cannot have this moving forward and expect to make your fantasy league’s playoffs.

My recommendation is to go “defense by matchup” the rest of the way out. If you do this, you can see what defenses are playing favorable matchups and will have a better chance to win. This will be better than what the Texans are giving you right now.

Look, none of us like to admit that we made a mistake. I understand why you drafted this team defense as high as you did during your draft, but we also need to know when to let go. Let go sooner than later. This decision can save your fantasy team, and possibly your sanity, for the rest of the season!

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