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Fantasy Football Week 6: 5 Great Dark Horse Sleepers

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Fantasy Football Week 6: Five Great Dark Horse Sleepers

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Roughly halfway through the fantasy season, we’re hitting a very stressful point. The bye weeks are brutal for many of us and the injuries just don’t seem to stop piling up. Julio Jones had his season ended seemingly out of nowhere, Michael Vick is being Michael Vick and Rob Gronkowski has yet to swoop in and save the fantasy owners who have been waiting patiently for him. These guys and many others are making life tough for us right now, a hassle we don’t need as we try to grind our way to the playoffs.

This is where the waiver wire becomes really important. As much as it sucks to have to look in and try to scrape the bottom of the barrel, it has to be done. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a reliable fill-in each week. I know, plugging Joe Schmo never gives you a great feeling about your chances heading into the week but at the same time, it feels so good when that one random guy you begrudgingly throw into your lineup suddenly goes off and rewards you.

Unfortunately, we really are dealing with the scraps of the waiver wire at this point. Most guys worth owning are owned and at first glance, it probably seems like there’s absolutely no one you can pick up who has a chance to make an impact. Ironically, the good news is that you’re wrong. It just so happens there are a few guys who are still not owned in most leagues and though they might not be the ones to carry you to a championship, they could certainly be the ones to help bring you glory for the week at hand.

Here are five sleepers worth picking up and playing this week if you need them:

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5. Leonard Hankerson

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Leonard Hankerson’s role has slowly been growing throughout the season. He’s moved ahead of Josh Morgan on the depth chart and he’s starting to get plenty of burn. The coaches like him and they’re trying to get him involved in the offense more. His team could quite possibly find itself in a shootout on Sunday Night Football this week, opening the door for a solid performance from him.

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4. Emmanuel Sanders

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Emmanuel Sanders has had a mediocre season so far, but this could be the week he finally scores his first touchdown of the year. He’ll be playing a banged up secondary and since his team has yet to be leading at the end of a game, it’s likely that they’ll be throwing until the fat lady sings.Antonio Brown will draw serious attention from the defense, leaving the oft-forgotten Sanders potentially open for a sneak-attack.

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3. Garrett Graham

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Garrett Graham steps into a full-time role in the wake of Owen Daniels’ injury and he has a great matchup this week. Andre Johnson is reportedly still reeling slightly from an injury of his own, so Matt Schaub is going to need other options to throw to. I picture Graham jumping up and down and waving his hands in the air like he needs to ask the teacher if he can go to the bathroom.

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2. Montee Ball

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For all the offseason hype surrounding him, Montee Ball has done virtually nothing in his first five career games. He got dropped from the game plan after a couple of early-season fumbles and a failure to do anything with the carries he was given. Still, his team is likely to wind up with a laughable lead in this week’s game and if they pull their starters, he should get plenty of carries against the league’s worst run defense.

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1. Chad Henne

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Like Ball, Chad Henne will be the beneficiary of major garbage time this week. His team is likely to be down by a massive margin at halftime and they’ll be forced to abandon the run for the rest of the game. It would be shocking if he threw less than 40 passes this week, so the expected volume should be very attractive for anyone in need of a quarterback. Henne could be a very nice surprise this Sunday.