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Fantasy Football Questions for Week 7

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Week 7 Fantasy Questions

Week 7
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It is almost the half-way point of the Fantasy Football season! It is amazing how time flies. This season so far has been filled with many amazing moments in football and it just getting better. There have also been some frustrating moments for fantasy owners, like the injuries to key players like Steven Jackson. There have also been some moments that you wanted to tap yourself on the back, like if you picked up Justin Blackmon before he hit it big. Fantasy managers have won some of their match-ups by as little as one point and lost some nail bitters by .07! If you are wondering, that happened to me both in the same week in my two Fantasy leagues.

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5. Can I Trust Colin Kaepernick Again?

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When Fantasy owners saw that the San Francisco 49ers were starting to run the ball more again, they had to be thinking that this is the end of Colin Kaepernick being a top-tier Fantasy Football quarterback. Then last week, Kaepernick had an awesome game throwing for 252 yards and two touchdowns. This sparks the question: Can I trust Colin Kaepernick again? The answer is yes! Kaepernick’s receivers are getting healthier by the week. You have to consider that the team is down two of their top four pass-catchers while Vernon Davis has not been 100 percent. With the 49ers’ running game carrying the load, it takes a great deal of pressure off of Kaepernick. Look for Kaepernick to continue his trend upwards against the Tennessee Titans in Week 7.

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4. Will Steven Jackson Finally Play This Week?

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If you are a Fantasy owner and you drafted Atlanta Falcons’ running back Steven Jackson, you have to think that this was the worst pick you ever made in your fantasy football history. Many of Jackson’s owners have held onto him, confident that he will play and come through for them when it matters the most. However, the big question about Jackson this week is: Will Steven Jackson finally play this week? The answer is no. Early reports from Falcons’ practice this week were that Jackson did not practiced yet and was still questionable for this week. On Thursday, reports came out that said he will more than likely not play again this Sunday. If you have another option, find it quickly.

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3. Should I Consider Trading Trent Richardson?

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When the Cleveland Browns traded their third overall pick in the 2012 draft, Trent Richardson, to the Indianapolis Colts everyone felt that this was the move that would make Richardson an even bigger Fantasy Football player. However, this has not worked out as well as the Colts or Richardson owners would have liked. This raises the question: Should you consider trading Trent Richardson? If you can get a good deal, absolutely! If you look at the remaining schedule for the Colts, Richardson has some chances down the road to put up nice some games. However, in Weeks 15 and 16, when the Fantasy Football playoffs take place, Richardson will face a Houston Texans’ defense that Frank Gore, Marshawn Lynch, or Chris Johnson did not gain 100 yards against. In Week 16, they will face the tough Kansas City Chiefs defense. Again, if you have a chance to trade him, do it because he will probably hurt you in the end.

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2. Who Can I Pick Up to Replace Drew Brees This Week?

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Many Fantasy Football owners have a big issue this week. The problem is how to replace Drew Brees during his bye week. If you are like me, and you have a stud Fantasy quarterback, you only carry that one quarterback until their bye week. If you are looking at a quarterback to pick up this weekend I give you two options. The first option is Nick Foles. Michael Vick is still hurting from a hamstring injury. Vick’s major weapon is his legs. If he misses, then look for Foles to have a huge game against the Dallas Cowboys. If you can’t get Foles, than try to pick up Brandon Weeden. The Cleveland Browns are playing the Green Bay Packers and will have to throw the ball to stay in the game. Weeden is not going to be an Brees in this start, but look for him to throw for 300 yards and a touchdown or two.

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1. Will Joseph Randle Be a Good Start Against the Philadelphia Eagles?

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In the Dallas Cowboys’ last game against the Washington Redskins, Cowboys’ running back DeMarco Murray injured his MCL. This means that rookie running back Joseph Randle will get his first NFL start. Many Fantasy owners picked him up this week and added him to their line-ups. The question is: Will Randle be a good start against the Philadelphia Eagles? The answer is yes, if you need him to start. Randle is unproven and did not show much when he did get to play against Washington last weekend. Yes, he did score a touchdown but also had several carries go for negative yards. The Eagles can be run on, but Dallas is known for their passing attack. If you have a better option to start this weekend, I would go with that option. However, if you need him as a flex play or if you have a running back on a bye, you could do a whole lot worse than Randle.